BREAKING NEWS: Introducing the SSG Atlanta Firebirds

The Atlanta major league team in the SSG OOTP baseball league has a new name and new look. The 2020 All-Star Game will be the last time that players will represent the Atlanta Braves. For the second half of the season and beyond, the team will be known as the Atlanta Firebirds. The Phoenix has been a part of the official seal for the city of Atlanta, GA since 1900. It symbolizes the city “rising from the ashes” after being burned during the American Civil War. Once the heart of the Confederate south, Atlanta became one of the major organizing centers of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Atlanta is the place of birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., and remains home to the National Historical Park named after him to this day.
Atlanta First Baseman Freddie Freeman model’s the team’s new look.
The team will retain the colors and some of the imagery from the current team. The team’s classic lowercase cap insignia will serve as the primary logo for the team, red with a white outline. It will be featured on the team’s home and road hats (in plain white with no accents, like the team’s previous capital “A” cap logo). A flame logo will also be featured on the sleeves of both the home and road jerseys, reminiscent of the feathers seen on the sleeves teams’ jerseys from the 1970s. The Firebirds will debut on Friday.