Cleveland Spider’s Looking for Respect Again.



Three years ago, Joe Cioffi took over the general manager role and promised to continue to develop Cleveland into a contender. Unfortunately, his record of 205-281 shows that he hasn’t been able to keep his promise.  During his tenure the Spiders have a team average of .250 and a team ERA of 4.70.  During a recent interview on a Cleveland sports radio station Joe Cioffi took full responsibility. “I am the only one to blame for the current state of the Spiders.” He stated. “I was brought in to do a job and I’ve let the fan base and the organization down.” Throughout the rest of the interview he discussed what the offseason game plan is. “My goal is to mix some talented youth with our veterans such as Abreu and Vettleson. We feel that will give us the best shot to win.” During this offseason, Cleveland has brought in two young talented players, Gleyber Torres and Isael Soto. “Both of these players will slide right in to fill in the holes at 3B and LF,” Cioffi stated.  “We need to make these types of trades in order to find the success we need at the major league level right now. There will be more to come.” Baseball has been in the City of Cleveland since 1901. There have been some good seasons and then there have been some bad seasons. It’s about time to let good times roll again in Cleveland.