Former GM Returns to SSG San Francisco Giants

  The SSG San Francisco Giants officially confirmed the hiring of GM Nate Brooks today after rumors that he had left the SSG Miami Marlins due to an apparent split with Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria. Arriving late Wednesday night into the Bay area by private jet and quickly hustling into a driver-less Tesla Cybertruck, there were none the less many fans at the airport already trying to catch a glimpse of the popular GM. The rabid fan-base that has developed a cult like following for GM Brooks were already lighting up social media and filling the airport as the night struck midnight. Self proclaimed super fan Hayden Latoole was double fisting Jolt cola to stay awake and hoping to give his armchair GM advice to Brooks if he could. ” The Giants need to surround Kondor (2019 Rookie of the Year Toshikuni Kondo) with better players, he can’t do it all man. Brooks is the guy to do it, we were riding such a wave until he left for Miami, so not cool man. We gotta get guys that can mash the ball and some pitchers that are’t gonna serve it up every second at bat” the highly caffeinated fan proclaimed. Giving an interview from the Tesla Cybertuck GM Brooks wouldn’t comment on what led to the break from the Marlins. “Look all I can say is I am ecstatic to return to San Francisco and the opportunity owner Laurence Baer has given me. This isn’t about money, but it might be about getting a private jet and cybertruck as official transportation versus a rented crop duster and used Ford Pinto in Miami” the quotable GM remarked. Unnamed sources believed Loria and Brooks had quarreled over payroll frequently and the GM reportedly remarked “This payroll is as B***SH**! as that so called art you peddle!” Loria was unable to be reached at this time. As for plans for the Giants the GM had this to say. “We are going to do an exhaustive review of all levels of our farm system and major league talent. We will not make any rash moves at this time. All staff can be assured they are employed this year and I have full faith in their abilities to be part of the solution going forward. We are going to continue to work on developing waves of talent to reach the majors each season. Players will be pushed to dominate and ascend each year and face tougher competition when they prove they are ready to jump to the next level.” ” I think we need to give our veteran core at the MLB level another shot at playoff success, we owe it to guys like Michael Brantley and Buster Posey to really compete for the playoffs in these next few years when they are still able to be productive for us.” Commenting on the younger talent in the Giants system Brooks commented ” There is good depth in our system overall and we are going to want to find a few players in the next few seasons that can be dynamic for us. There is a lot of hope with SS Mike Garland and SP Clarence Davis long term and we will be combing every corner of the baseball world to find more. I’m really excited to see Rookie of the Year Kondo up close each day as he is such a dynamic player and probably the best second baseman in the league with all due respect.” Without a doubt the Giants are happy to get their former GM back but in a tough NL West division he will have his work cut out for him. ” There are all great GM’s leading each team in the NL West” Brooks respectfully mentioned. ” Macioce in Colorado has won it all, Rascop in LA is not afraid to utilize his budget every year and the Padres and Diamond backs have two really smart guys in Tosoni and Langen, this isn’t going to be easy at all. But it shouldn’t be and that’s what makes the competition each day worth it.”