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League Rules

Post by Detfan1984 » Sun May 02, 2021 1:05 pm

This is a Diamond Dynasty Rosters League

SSG is a sim first community. We are called that because things that take advantage of AI faults cannot be used. Play the game the right way. Use common sense. Example: If you see an outfielder sitting on the ball to catch it and suddenly it drops. Assume that is a glitch and don't take extra bases.

If one dives for the ball, then take the bases. Be kind to each other. Work out your issues in PM. sometimes people just make mistakes. Bottom line is this. We are all adults. Or at least expected to act like one. Lets not ruin anyone's experience. We are all here to have fun.

We cap it at a team OVR of 80
You can move offensive players in and out of the lineup (AKA) roster.
We need to have your rotation posted. the starting 5 will remain your starting 5 for the entire season. So choose them wisely. You can change out your relief pitchers. Again keeping a cap will not allow anything crazy there either.

5 man rotations must be followed

No throwing our runners at first base from the outfield on base hits.

DO not bunt dance

We are all using the DH

There will be 1 series covering 7 days & 3 games per week vs the same team. See schedule server. We will not play out of the week. Advance day will be Sunday nights at 9PM EST.
If games are not completed they will be simmed. Make contact with you opponent, so the games can get scheduled.

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