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Mike Lowe MLB The Show 20 Sliders

Post by Mike Lowe » Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:17 pm

Version: Beta


Yes, I believe these will work fine on other difficult levels and whatever hitting/pitching/fielding settings you prefer.

Yes, these are up in the vault. Search for Mike Lowe.

I use zone hitting on Hall of Fame, but with the cursor off.

I do move my cursor around, but also keep a simple gameplan in place for each at bat/situation, and try not to over-complicate my ABs.

I pitch on Legend, and pitch for the edges to look to get the AI to chase, so walks and Ks will happen.

I try to not throw pitches in the dirt with runners on base.

Yes, the AI will throw some beanballs, but your HBP will be in-line with the rest of the simulated games.


Thanks for checking out my sliders for MLB The Show 20. This is my sixth season working on sliders for this game, which includes multiple seasons of 162 games where all games and all pitches were played. This slider set has been the most downloaded and highest-rated slider set the past three years in the MLB The Show Vault.

I've been involved in game development as a freelance hobby for years now, most recently as a beta tester for Out of the Park Baseball, and I'm heavily focused on details and accuracy of simulation, striving to have a slider set that matches modern-MLB output, but also across the simulated game spectrum.

Goals of this Set (approximates, and won't be every single game)

60% first pitch strikes
62% ball:strike ratio, but 65-68% for higher-end pitchers
.300 team BABIP (use a BABIP calculator)
15-18% foul balls per total pitches
21% swings and misses per total number of swings (misses plus strikeouts)
1.1-1.2 HRs per game, per team.
HBP should fall in-line with simulated games.
Depending on repertoire, varied flyball to groundball ratios.

The rest of your statistical accuracy will come from this output.

Nutshell Explanation

This set is based on accurate first-pitch strikes, ball-to-strike ratios, BABIP, foul ball %, swinging miss %, HR ratios, and groundball-to-flyball ratios. This is also the only slider I set I've seen that will give you accurate HBP totals for played games.

Detailed Explanation

These sliders are designed for people who've found they're in need of a more challenging and realistic set for MLB The Show. I've been playing The Show since the game first came out, and I'd say I'm a good player. Most importantly, I love baseball and am always looking for ways to make The Show as realistic as possible, even if that means I don't win the division every year. I hope you find some value in these sliders.

It's important for you the gamer to take ownership of YOUR sliders and move beyond slider dependency/slideritis and learn how to comfortably tweak them without feeling as though the sky is falling or always needing my approval.

Dynamic difficult is a brilliant idea, but it's too simplified--instead, take up the challenge to dynamically adjust your OWN difficulty (sliders/settings) as you go. I'm not a fan of "final" or "locked" sliders because you should always be evaluating and tweaking to adjust to your improved gameplay during the season; You're going to be better on game 162 than you are in game 1.

At the same time, this game is clean and balanced enough that you don't need to restart over and over just because you bumped a few sliders up or down. Just play and continually check yourself against the league stats and rankings, and keep sample size in mind.

The game plays well out of the box, and variety AND oddities are a part of baseball; Over the course of 162 games, it will level itself out just fine, and the cream will rise to the top. Don't worry if you're not the cream every season.

Use these sliders as a base and tweak, because we ALL play differently and have our own unique skill sets. You don't need to wait to start a franchise to use these sliders, you don't need to start anything over, and you can tweak during your season as you won't be seeing anything out of the realm of possibility, and certainly nothing that won't stand the test of time over 162 games.

Staying locked into a bad slider set for 162 games is the only thing that will skew your results one way or another.



Hitting Difficulty - Hall of Fame

Hitting View – The Show 15 (or whatever non-zoom camera you prefer)

In-Play View Offense - Broadcast

Ball Trail - Off

Hitting Interface - Zone

Input Type - Buttons

Plate Coverage Indicator - Off

Guess Pitch - Off

Baserunning Decisions - Assist

Baserunning Interface - Default

Sliding Decisions - Assist

Runner Windows - On


Pitching Difficulty - Legend

Pitching Interface - Meter (others will work fine too)

Pitch Feedback - On

Pitching View – Broadcast

Pitching Ball Marker - Off

Pitch Confidence - On

Pitch Delay - Normal

API - Off


Throwing Interface - Buttons

Throwing Meter - No Feedback

Fielding Decision - Auto or Assist (assist is manual fielding)

Throwing Decision - Off (or On for auto fielding)

In-Play View Defense - Broadcast

Throw Cancelling - On

One Button Dive/Jump - Off

Auto INF Jump Reaction: On

Auto INF Dive Reaction: On

Catch Position Indicator - On (it's hidden on Auto Fielding)

Defensive Shift - Auto (but adjust yourself too if need be. Auto just helps save time.)

Off the Wall Ribbon - On (it's hidden on Auto Fielding)


Strike Zone - Off

Hot Zones - Always Preview

Warm Up Pitchers - On or Off

Tutorial Tips - Off

Post Game Auto Save - Off

Scorebar Display - On

Pitch Select Display - On

Swing/Pitch Info - On

Balks - Off

Umpire Accuracy - Personalized

Umpire Close Plays - On (new replays this year are great)

Check Swing Appeals - On

Injuries - On

Ejections - On

Vibration - Off

Game Log Order - Default

Presentation, Audio, & Mode-Specific Options

All user choice


Human Contact - 5

Human Power - 4

Human Timing - 3

Human Foul Frequency - 2

Human Solid Hits - 3

Human Starter Stamina - 5

Human Reliever Stamina - 5

Human Pitch Control - 2

Human Pitcher Consistency - 1

CPU Contact - 3

CPU Power - 4

CPU Timing - 0

CPU Foul Frequency - 0

CPU Solid Hits - 1

CPU Starter Stamina - 5 (sim at 8)

CPU Reliever Stamina - 5

CPU Pitcher Control - 5

CPU Pitcher Consistency - 6

CPU Strike Frequency - 5

CPU Manager Hook - 2 (once AI goes to bullpen, change to 7, and sim at 7)

CPU Pickoffs - 8

Fastball Pitch Speed - 5

Offspeed Pitch Speed - 5

Fielding Errors Infield - 5

Fielding Errors Outfield - 5

Throwing Errors Infield - 5

Throwing Errors Outfield - 5

Fielder Run Speed - 2

Fielder Reaction - 2

Fielder Arm Strength Infield - 5

Fielder Arm Strength Outfield - 4

Baserunner Speed - 4

Baserunner Steal Ability - 6

Baserunner Steal Frequency - 5

Wind - 5

Injury Frequency - 5 (6 or 7 is more realistic, but can create depth issues w only 90 players)

Trade Frequency -  (5 for Spring Training, 1 for April, 3 for May and June, 4 for July 1-29th, 10 for July 30-31st, 0 for rest of the regular season, 5 for offseason)

HOUSE RULES (Optional)

I recommend signing any top FAs to teams in your roster before starting as the AI teams will never sign anyone during the season. I try and find fits that make the most sense.

I would turn the strike ratio down to 0 when facing a knuckleballer.

Manager contracts - On

If you want the artist-rendition bio pictures, start your franchise with a fantasy draft, and then back out of it before the first selection is made. Rosters will still be intact.

Do not "visit mound" at the very start of an inning.

No going back to the bag on a steal attempt.

Assume the AI teams only want to deal primarily from their trade block, and don't abuse the shop player feature.

No changing of coaching staff until the offseason unless AI team does so first.


You will get accurate sim stats too IF you follow these suggestions, AND IF you revert after a save/sim anytime you see your league totals for complete games going above a total of 10 per month (about 60 total for the entire season).

Before simming any AI games, scroll through the other teams to ensure they do not have any pitcher in their LRP role. Only a day-to-day injured player not on the DL should appear here.

I stream some games from my franchise, and you can see my results, box scores, etc during those streams.Image
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