How to Publish Content to the Website


After signing up on our forum and activating your account via email, your will have the ability to write a “post.” A post is essentially any sort of content appearing on the main website. Posts can take on many forms, and we primarily use them to write news stories/editorials, deeper stats/analysis segments, and even media such as podcasts and videos.

  • Once logged in with your forum account, head back to the website’s homepage. From there, you can create a post by click on the “+ New” button at the top of your browser’s window, and then clicking “Post.”
  • You’ll want to assign your post to the appropriate sport/league/category (can use multiple).
  • Images must be uploaded and then inserted into the “featured image” area which can be found in the lower right-hand side of your post/draft.
  • Spend a moment and give your post a good proofreading before publishing. You can also save posts as drafts and come back to finish them later on.
  • After you publish a post, ensure it is showing up on the website as you intended as sometimes things may appear differently than you were expecting.