Introducing the SSG Today Podcast-Episode 1- A “Long Gone” Production

Long Gone- St.Louis Cardinals/Sim Sports Gaming Podcast
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I have a podcast I started as a St.Louis Cardinals fan podcast that gained some notoriety within that niche community. When COVID hit and the real baseball world got turned on its head, I started going down the road of podcasting about sports gaming. Since joining the OOTP league here I have also put out a few episode of the podcast covering the league. One that was particularly fun was an episode where I spoke with the 2020 World Series GM”s from the Rockies and Red Sox. As you may have noticed, some exciting things are happening within the Sim Sports gaming community. There has been a commitment to the website, enhancing its performance, and the announcement of a new OOTP Baseball League. With this announcement there was also the introduction of a donation model where GM’ would donate toward participation in the OOTP leagues but with the potential ability to subsidize those donations through delivering content. This will hopefully drive an explosion of content. This may allow for the same donation model to be extended to other leagues hosted and run through the Sim ports gaming site and/or Discord.

With this episode I am unveiling a plan to produce a minimum once per week ( potentially more) podcast called “SSG Today”. This will begin by focusing mainly on the OOTP Baseball leagues but I would love for it to expand out to other Sim Sports gaming leagues, content creators, game reviews, and more!In this 60 minute podcast, I do my best to cover some of these topics and recap the offseason thus far in the SSG OOTP baseball league. I also discuss the plans for the podcast as it relates to Sim Sports Gaming and OOTP Baseball. Future podcast will be shorter productions, but feel free to listen in smaller chunks.

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