KC Bees Continue Wheeling and Dealing

If there is one thing the Kansas City Bees do more than any other team it is bring new players in by trade, and despite the front office repeatedly declaring this off-season that they want to build cohesion into the roster, GM Jackson just cannot help himself and has once again dipped his toe into the trade pool, swapping OT Joey Drake for Arizona WR Freddie Wahl.

Drake is a solid journeyman who deserves a shot at starting but is part of a glut of players on the KC offensive line. It has been mooted that star guard Zach Martin may switch to LT this year, a move that is hoped will kick-start his career which has stalled somewhat since moving to Missouri. This opens the way for more OL changes as veteran Eric Fisher may find himself without a role as last year’s overall #4 draft pick Gregory McCurley has the RT position tied up, hopefully for the next decade according to the KC brass.

Wahl will slot into the team as the 4th wide-out but has every chance of beating out veteran Jeremy Maclin for the no. 3 slot receiver role. He has good return skills too and will battle with Bert Buchanon in that role. Buchanon is the more dynamic and exciting player and has impressive stats the past two years but has a worrying propensity to fumble.

Talk has it that this may not be the final trade for the Bees, considering that a reviewed and refreshed trade block has been announced. As indicated, Fisher and Maclin may be surplus to requirements plus there is still need to streamline the OL. Star DT Ra’shede Hageman is apparently also up for grabs. Watch this space.

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