League Membership Overview

Quick Overview

•Commissioners and others helping to run the SSG community dedicate a lot of their time to us.
•We are hopeful for an annual donation from every league member.
•Members meeting the recommended donation are guaranteed to secure their team in the upcoming calendar year and be entered in any console-league team drafts.
•Members can earn 100% of the recommended donation back through incentives.
•Donations pay for web hosting, security, commissioner game licenses, trophies, and hopefully soon things like an SSG Meetup.


Have you ever joined a league that quit in the middle of its inaugural season? It’s not a fun experience. SSG has been managing leagues since 2015, and the work involved requires a lot of time and effort. There are many individuals involved–both past and present–who have helped build us into what we are today. The majority of our leagues are run on a daily basis with the commissioner(s) dedicating time every day to keep the leagues on-schedule and handle tasks such as trades, rules, and dealing with various other issues. Commissioners and other contributors to our SSG leagues dedicate hours of their time to keep our leagues enjoyable and running as efficiently as possible. There is also the financial cost of running a community such as SSG which is not free.

We wanted to come up with a system that would help the SSG community grow by rewarding commissioners and participation from members who are being highly-active within the community. Below you can see the details on how our suggested donations are handled and how rewards are distributed.


You do not have to donate or meet the incentives to stay in any particular league each season, but it is a factor each league will examine at the end of each calendar year when reviewing whether the GM is a good fit for the league. Meeting the recommended donation each calendar year is the only way to ensure you keep your team, assuming nothing else egregious has happened.

Donations go towards paying for web hosting, web security, a game license for commissioners, trophies for league champions, and much more. Eventually, we’d like to setup larger items such as SSG swag and an annual SSG Meetup.


You can see below how the rewards/incentives program works. Our goal at the end of the year is to provide rewards to all members of our leagues as that means we generated a ton of content for all of the leagues we’re hosting.

Getting Started

After reviewing the tables below, it’s time to get started! If you need help getting started with creating content, you can start with our Publishing Guide. If you have suggestions for a future season, please let us know! You can submit a donation using the secure PayPal button at the bottom of this page.

LeagueRecommended Yearly DonationRewards
OOTP Baseball
$50 (by February 1st)$25 Steam gift card
OOTP Baseball
(new for 2021)
$50 (by February 1st)$25 Steam gift card
(Summer 2021)
$50 (by September 1st) Full refund
MyNBA Online
(Fall 2021)
Other leaguesMember discretionNA
Incentive OpportunitiesIncentive Disqualifications
• Post 1 article per month (1,000 word minimum and at least 1 original/legal visual)

• Post 1 podcast per month (15-60 minutes only)

• Be part of a new SSG Twitch channel with a scheduled monthly segment (not just gameplay streaming)

• Post a monthly “Hard Knocks” video series about your team (15-30 minutes)

• Post another form of monthly media that would contribute to the league

• Run an active social media account for the league (not for just one team). At least one post per week (this option would be limited to a number of members)

•Other (please pitch your ideas to the league first!)
• Quitting a league before the end of the calendar year

• Being removed from a league

• Not reaching the incentive mark
In order to receive an incentive reward, one incentive (any of the bullet points in the table above) must be met for each month of the calendar year for a total of 12 contributions in the calendar year.

There is no difference between quitting a league and being removed. In most cases, removal from a league would only happen from inactivity or inappropriate behavior (cheating, verbal abuse, etc.).

For anyone joining a league after the payment due date, the recommended donation amount is $5/month for the remainder of the game’s calendar year paid in-full.