League Oversight Committee


The League Oversight Commitee (LOC) is an optional tool for any league here at SSG. The commissioner(s) of any league may opt to join and have the benefits of the LOC. The LOC serves as a pseudo SSG Supreme Court for any issue–good, bad, or otherwise–that needs to be addressed on a grander scale.

The LOC is comprised of:

  • Enrolled commissioner(s) (minimum of 3)
  • 3 LOC-nominated community/GM representatives


The LOC has a private Slack channel to discuss issues including, but not limited to:

  • Disciplinary issues.
  • Proposals to change.
  • Minimizing subjectivity in decision making.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Establish a process which can be followed in case of perceived disciplinary issues.
  • Harness the goodwill of the league founder members and contributors.
  • Have oversight on trades (replacing the trade committee).
  • Allow the league to continue to be successful.

How Does the LOC Work?

  • Issues, with evidence, would be raised and discussed on the private LOC channel.
  • The LOC would then vote on the issue at hand.
    • In certain cases it may be appropriate to create a sub-channel and invite in the GM in question.