Madden 19 Sim CFM – 2020 Season Starts Soon; Teams Still Available

After two successful seasons with Madden 19, the Sim Madden CFM league at SSG is excited to have ironed out a lot of the kinks. Our schedule is set, and even though we’re still in Week 1 of the 2020 season, we already know that the 2021 Draft will be held Thursday, January 10th at 7pm ET. Small details such as this are what have really made this league standout. The community that’s been put together has been very strong, and are working collaboratively together to ensure we continue to grow into one of the best Madden CFMs in the world. The 2019 season saw the Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl, but a lot of teams really started to shine bright such as the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and Arizona Cardinals. With the amount of talent that we saw in the 2020 Draft, it’s only a matter of time until we start seeing some new superstars emerge as well to be among the best in the league. Teams are still available, and if you’re interested, please check out the links below: Members Rules Calendar Application What makes any league here at SSG unique is that members of the league can post articles/stories/videos/podcasts about their team or league to share with the other 200+ members in various leagues. These stories not only post to our website, but will also populate to our Slack chat channels and can even be shared out via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Our Sim Madden league is just one of many leagues here at SSG, and we continue to grow every day since we started back in 2014.