Madden PS4 CFM Rules



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The Madden Sim CFM is based on the mission of sim gameplay, first and foremost. Our rules are subject to being changed–even midseason–if an issue has been identified that is grossly impacting this mission. We will do our best to handle rule changes quickly and appropriately.


Custom coaches
No custom playbooks
Advances are at 9pm ET every 48 hours during the regular season and first round of the playoffs. Beyond that, please check our schedule linked above.
Away team must stream and have archive enabled on Twitch
13 minute quarters
15 second clock run-off
All-Pro Sim
Custom Sliders
Game-generated draft classes (to prevent cheating)
No Ballhawk/Lurking on defense or user catching on offense is allowed (unless pass has been deflected)*


– First, running up the score will not be tolerated. 40 points is considered high, and anything close to or certainly above that will be examined closely. If your argument is that the game was still close, you need to practice playing defense.

-Switching on defense is allowed.

– No Ballhawk/Lurking is allowed, but user swat is ok. This means that you can hit square (user swat), but you cannot use ballhawk/lurking mechanics with a user player.
*We ONLY allow user INTs or user catch on offense when there has been a deflected passes on a play.

– No switching on offense to catch. (AI will do).

– Hit Stick: Use in realistic moderation, not on every attempted tackle.

-You cannot drop DL into coverage unless it is part of the play diagram, such as a zone blitz.

– You CANNOT move players on defense pre-snap other than 1)One player you’re controlling and 2)Using the in-game pre-snap adjustments.

– “Sideline sprinting” with an offensive player is not allowed. This refers to taking the ball and immediately sprinting for the sideline, especially when the play isn’t even designed for it.


If your opponent has conceded defeat late in the game at a reasonable point (by running only and chewing clock) you need to pump the brakes and just take the victory. If your opponent has NOT conceded defeat and is aggressively trying to come back (airing it out on offense & putting 8-9 men in the box run blitzing) the team in the lead is free to run their offense to keep the chains moving. The winning team is also free to score if they have an open lane to the end zone. Don’t score if you can run out the clock. Losing big is not an excuse to pad stats.

If you have a complaint, contact a Commissioner/Admin privately on Slack. Do not blast the main chat with a complaint about your opponent.

–Game Scheduling–

Communication is key for a successful league. Please don’t be lax or passive when it comes to contacting your opponent. Don’t play the waiting game.

A team will now earn a single Normal–>Quick upgrade after Week 17 if they’ve played at least 14 head-to-head games. There are no exceptions to this rule, including new coaches or coaches who were unavailable to play against you.

Here’s how scheduling a game should work:

  • Player A – Slack DM your opponent with the days and times that work for you during the advance window (not just “When can you play?”)
  • Player B will reply with what works for them, and you come to an agreement.

A game MUST be underway INCLUDING a link to the stream being posted to the channel to verify at least 60 minutes prior to a schedule advance. No exceptions. We will allow games to conclude that have started before the 60-minute cutoff.

If both teams have made an attempt to schedule a game but the game is not played, the game will be a straight sim (no pre-determined winner).

If one team has had zero communication back from their opponent about scheduling a time to play or if the opponent is 100% unavailable during that time, the available/communicating team will receive a force win.


Offense: Vary your runs, vary your formations, and vary your routes. Do not resort to go-to plays on most 3rd downs. We all have tendencies, but let’s open up the playbook for this league. Defense: Vary your coverage, vary your formations, and vary your blitzes. If you have a team that is built to play more man feel free to do so. The same goes for zone schemes. Within your scheme you still need to call different zone/man plays.

Must rush at least 3 defenders on every play, QB spy does not count as a rusher.

–4th Down Rules–

You may attempt to go for 4th and 2 on your opponent’s 40 yard line and in. This does not mean that it should be automatic to go on 4th in this situation, as the game situation should determine this.

You may attempt to go for 4th anytime you are losing in the 4th quarter.

If you are outside of any of the above situations, you may attempt to lineup on 4th down to *only* try and draw the defense offsides. A “draw of the defense” on 4th down like this should not be done more than once per game.

Fake punts/kicks can be done at anytime from any position on the field, but can never be used more than once in a game (per team). We encourage folks to keep this reasonable, meaning you do not HAVE to use one in every single game.


No play-action pass plays on 3rd and 10+ yards or 4th and 10+ yards.

–No Huddle–

Due to a recurring defensive glitch, no more than 1 consecutive no huddle attempt can be called, and the play must be changed completely.

Exception: Only in the final 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters can you attempt a max of 3 consecutive no huddles, while changing the play completely.

–QB Movement–

QB should not be sprinting back 10 yards on drop-backs.

QB should not just sprint straight to the sidelines after the snap. Let the QB complete his drop-back motion, and then you can scramble if you are facing immediate pressure.

QB should not be constantly drifting to the right/left on a standard drop-back.

There are some designed roll-outs in the game, but none of them sprint you to the sideline.

–Hot Routes–

No more than 2 hot routes (for receivers running routes) can be called during any offensive playcall. This relates to changing WR routes, so if you’re using max protect, then more than two adjustments can be made, but the RB/TE’s should stay in and not run a route (so in other words, don’t adjust a third player’s route).

–Chew Clock–

No chew clock until the 4th quarter. Exception: if the losing team is down big and is trying to end the game (winning team can follow suit if they see this).

–Coffin Punting and Returns–

On an NFL punt, roughly 80% of the time the punt is either returned, fair caught, or goes for a touchback. That means only 20% are either being punted out of bounds or downed.

Therefore, you may only punt a ball out of bounds–shank or otherwise–20% of your punts in a game (one in every 5 punts). It’s entirely ratio-based, which means that you shouldn’t even attempt a coffin punt until your 5th punt.

On punt returns, the same RB rules apply in that you CANNOT just IMMEDIATELY cut towards the sideline.

We will handle penalties for either of these rules on a case-by-case basis.

–CPU Games–

No user vs. CPU games are allowed. Please do your best to schedule and be available to play your opponent for that week.

–Position Changes–

– No WR to TE
– No WR to HB or HB to WR/TE
– LB’s can be moved to LE/RE and vice versa.
– LE/RE can be moved to DT and vice versa.
– Secondary positions can be moved to another secondary position (CB, SS, FS)
– SS/FS can only be moved to a LB position if they are 225 lbs minimum, and 87 speed maximum.
– No K or P position changes.
– If you don’t see something listed here, please ask an admin before making the switch.


– No trading with the CPU.
– New members joining during the pre-season or regular season have to have played 3 games before completing a trade, no exceptions, including the trade deadline.
-During the offseason, we’ll monitor moves very closely–no superstar moves will be made by a new member since they would not have been able to play their 3 games yet.
– When a trade is agreed upon, both teams must post/reply in a single forum thread on the forum and include their rationale. Next, notify a Commish/Admin, and wait for approval before processing on console.
– Commissioner(s) have the right to veto any trade they feel is bad for the league.
– No trading 1st round picks until the first offseason.
– Rookies cannot be traded.
– Players can only be traded once per season.
– Trading during the draft is allowed and is the one time trades will not need pre-approval. This rule will go into affect 30 minutes before the scheduled draft time. Trade at your own risk. If you are unsure whether you’re getting the appropriate value, use a (modern-day) draft chart and/or reach out to a commissioner. Reminder: Sometimes the best trades are the ones you never make. 
– There are no maximum number of trades, however a commissioner can veto a trade at their discretion if they feel a team is trading too much.

–Non-Free Agency Stage FA Signings/Practice Squads–

– Teams can sign 1 Street FA 70+ OR 1 Practice Squad player. The only exceptions to this are for signing K or P.

– Teams can also sign unlimited Street FA 69 or lower (unlimited does not include PS).

– Free Agents signed in-season cannot be traded until the following season.

–Free Agency Stage FA Signings–

– Players must be offered a contract to meet at least 50% of the player’s approval.

– The max length of a contract offer is 5 years.

– Players who are both 75+ overall AND under age 28 cannot be offered 1 year contracts.

– Free Agents signed during the offseason cannot be traded in the first year of their contract.

– Anyone signed illegally will be put back in FA and the team will incur any bonus owed to the player.


53 man active roster required.


Disconnects will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but are best resolved between the two teams. Please make every attempt to get your games played.