Madden PS4 CFM Rules



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-Settings– Custom coaches Advances are every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 12 minute quarters 13 second clock run-off All-Pro Sim Custom Sliders We use a custom salary, which means you must follow our Cap Room numbers. For example, Madden may allow a 210m salary, but we would only allow 198m. Our current years cap rule is a hard cap of 25m free cap space. You must use your teams playbook unless you’ve selected another playbook in an offseason playbook swap that occurs each offseason, similar to a coaching carousel. Slightly edited Game-generated draft classes (to prevent cheating. Edits prevent having nonsensical player types) -Player Progression- We will be using TDawg’s XP slider set.  –Gameplay– Heat Seeker MUST be turned off in your Team Settings. Failure to do so will result in you being removed from the league. This setting is off by default, so there should be no issues complying. If you are usering a defender whose assignment is zone coverages then you must begin the play by strafing (L2 Button). You must remain in a strafe in your designated zone unless 1 of the following 2 things occurs… 1.) The QB breaks outside of the pocket 2.) a WR enters your zone BUT you can not exit your zone to sprint alongside a WR. Can only sprint with the WR in your zone. If a user is using a player assigned to man cover a HB/FB/TE, the user must enter a QB spy & do one of the following. 1.) Hover around the line of scrimmage to prevent the QB from scrambling/rolling out or wait for a delayed route by the TE/HB/FB 2.) Blitz the QB (and not drop back into a spy once committed to the blitz) – Users may NOT user catch. This means no RAC catching, no Possession catching and no aggressive catching. The CPU must make the catches on passes throws by a user. Users may not fall down to avoid hits in the playing field. Get out of bounds or protect the ball. This does not apply in clock management situations. Players who’re in motion pre-snap must come to a COMPLETE STOP before snapping the ball. This does not apply to end around and jet sweeps. Manual motion only. No SWERVING a player in and out on the run when swerving should be juking. Swerving doesn’t properly slow a player down and is an exploit. Users can not switch to intercept nor switch to hit stick/strip. You can INT/strip/hit stick if you’re using the same player you were at the beginning of the play Playmaker is against the rules and may NOT be used. (Using Right stick to indicate where a receiver goes post-snap) – Users may only use Defensive Tackles on 3rd/4th down or game winning/sealing drives. This stems from issues with pass rushing considering our pass blocking slider is on 0. –Sportsmanship– If your opponent has conceded defeat late in the game at a reasonable point (by running only and chewing clock) you need to pump the brakes and just take the victory. That means not incessantly doing ball carrier moves or outside runs. If your opponent has NOT conceded defeat and is aggressively trying to come back (airing it out on offense & putting 8-9 men in the box run blitzing) the team in the lead is free to run their offense to keep the chains moving. Don’t score if you can run out the clock. Losing big is not an excuse to pad stats. This is going to be enforced very strictly. There will be a threshold that players must stay under in regards to points per game. If a game is over, let it be over.  If you have a complaint, contact a Commissioner/Admin privately on Discord. Blake Rowe or Bryce Cook. Do not blast the main chat with a complaint about your opponent. Disrespect will get you removed from the league. Joking is fine, disrespect is not. –Game Scheduling– Communication is key for a successful league. Please don’t be lax or passive when it comes to contacting your opponent. Don’t play the waiting game. Here’s how it should work: •Player A – Discord DM your opponent with the days and times that work for you during the advance window (not just “When can you play?”) •Player B will reply with what works for them, and you come to an agreement. Failure to play a not-yet-set minimum of games in a season without a valid reasoning given beforehand (ex: vacation) will result in removal from the league. – If a sim/force must happen then the users in the game can not sit their starters to avoid injuries. –Playcalling– Offense: Vary your runs, vary your formations, and vary your routes. Do not resort to go-to plays on most 3rd downs. We all have tendencies, but let’s open up the playbook for this league. The Pass/Run ratio can be at maximum 65/35 over a 4 week period and will be monitored quarterly. This means every 4 weeks that you can be passing 65% at the absolute max. If it is noticed that you’re overly relying on a specific player/play/formation then you could be removed. You can have 1 QB Sneak in an offensive series at most. So if you have a 3rd and inches from the 20 and get the first down, you may not try again later in the possession. Defense: Vary your coverage, vary your formations, and vary your blitzes. If you have a team that is built to play more man feel free to do so. The same goes for zone schemes. Within your scheme you still need to call different zone/man plays. Must rush at least 3 defenders on every play, QB spy does not count as a rusher. –4th Down Rules– Punting out of bounds is only acceptable when you’re between your own 40 yard line and the opponents goal line. From your own 39 to your own endzone you’re required to punt in the field. Failure to comply multiple times will result in removal from the league.  4th and 2 on your opponent’s 40 yard line and in. This does not mean that it should be automatic to go on 4th in this situation, as the game situation should determine this. Anytime you are losing in the 4th quarter. You are allowed a MAXIMUM of 1 Fake Punt or Fake Field Goal per game. You may have more than 1 4th down attempt (depending on situation), but no more than 1 total fake. –Play-Action– No play-action pass plays on 3rd and 5+ yards or 4th and 5+ yards. What team would bite on a playfake from that far away in those situations? Don’t exploit the game.  –QB Movement– QB should not be sprinting back 10 yards on drop-backs. QB should not just sprint straight to the sidelines after the snap. Let the QB complete his drop-back motion, and then you can scramble if you are facing immediate pressure. Remember that scrambling up the middle is a viable option as well! QB should not be constantly drifting to the right/left on a standard drop-back. There are some designed roll-outs in the game, but none of them sprint you to the sideline. –Hot Routes– We are no longer allowing hot routes to be made by an offense OTHER THAN “smart routes”and assigning someone to be a blocker. If you are somehow unfamiliar with what these are or how to do them, you do it like so Smart Routes make the break of a route cut at the first down line, so a user can make their pass catchers route break at the first down marker/endzone. 1.) Pre play, press triangle (pulls up your potential pass catcher button options) 2.) select your receiving option 3.) press the R1 button (indicated as “smart route” on the display box) Making a HB/FB/TE Block is useful against a team who is blitzing often. Use it in a situation where you think a blitz could come or if you’re wanting to take a deep shot it can give you that extra half a second to get the ball off. 1.) Pre play, press triangle (pulls up your potential pass catcher button options) 2.) select your receiving option 3.) press the R2 button indicated as “block” on the display box) This rule is happening to prevent offenses from taking advantage of the new defensive rules. –CPU Games– Under no circumstance are CPU games played.  They are straight sims to prevent an inactive team from being completely irrelevant and earning a top draft pick for simply being vacant.  –Position Changes– – Player positions can only be changed during the offseason AFTER the draft and must be approved by an admin beforehand. During the season position changes may NOT take place barring season-ending injury to a starter.  – No WR to TE – No WR to HB or HB to WR/TE — No Safety at LB nor at SUB LB in your depth chart. – LB’s can be moved to LE/RE and vice versa. – LE/RE can be moved to DT only if their strength is 90+. DT’s may NOT be moved to DE – Safeties can be flipped (SS to FS and vis versa). Safeties can be played at SLOT CB on the depth chart. – No K or P position changes. – If you don’t see something listed here, please ask an admin before making the switch. – Offensive lineman can only be changed to their like-positions. RT to LT, RG to LG and vis versa. Centers can also be swapped with your guards. – These rules also apply to your depth charts. Position changes that are listed as off limits here are also off limits for depth charts. – Players numbers need to stay in the NFL Format for numbers.
  • 1 – 19: Quarterbacks, punters, and kickers
  • 20 – 49: Running backs and defensive backs
  • 50 – 59: Centers (or 60-79 if this range is taken)
  • 60 – 79: Defensive linemen and offensive linemen
  • 80 – 89: Receivers and tight ends (or 40-49 if this range is taken)
  • 90 – 99: Defensive Lineman and linebackers
–Trading– – No trading with the CPU. — Trades are based on production, not a players overall. Contributing factors to someones trade value are… Stats, Contract status, draft position (if young) – New members have to have played 3 games before completing a trade. During the offseason, we’ll monitor moves very closely–no superstar moves will be made by a new member since they would not have been able to play their 3 games yet. – When a trade is agreed upon, both teams must post/reply in a single forum thread on the forum and include their rationale. Next, notify a Commish/Admin, and wait for approval before processing on console. – Commissioner(s) have the right to veto any trade they feel is bad for the league. – Rookies cannot be traded. – Players can only be traded once per season. – 2 trade maximum in a year. These will be strictly monitored and rarely will a team have 2 trades made – A Team must keep at minimum 5 draft picks in a season and you must have either a 1st or 2nd round pick — penalized by removal of high draft pick No trading back to back first round picks –Free Agents/Practice Squads– – Each advance, teams can sign 1 Street FA 66+ OR 1 Practice Squad player. — Players whose overall is AT or BELOW 73 may not be signed to anything beyond 2 years. — Free agency bidding is now required to be posted after each bid made. Users may NOT lower their bids. This means if you’re all-in on a player and another team is bidding you up to a high number, you may not lower the number if the other user backs out. You may not lower a bid at any time but can withdraw from a bid. You can withdraw an offer at any time, but once you withdraw you may not re-enter negotiations with that player. If you sign a player without having the bid posted in the “madden-cfm-fa-bidding” channel, the player will he released and the penalty incurred will remain. — you must offer a minimum of 65 points to a free agent in the offseason. These offers are all visible so if you attempt to offer less then you will be warned once only.  – Teams can also sign unlimited Street FA 65 or lower (unlimited does not include PS). – Players signed in season cannot be traded until the following season. – Notify the user if you poach a PS player, so they can fill the hole. — 5 year maximum offer for re-signings while abiding by the age 33 rule in the free agency rules. – Max length contract offer is 5 years for all. – Anyone signed illegally will be put back in FA and you will keep the penalty.  — Players can not be signed beyond their age 33 season to anything more than a 1 year contract (QB’s, K’s and P’s excluded). This means if you’re signing someone age 29 in free agency that they can be signed for the max 5 years (29 year 1, 30 year 2, 31 year 3, 32 year 4 and 33 year 5). Each age above is one less year allowed on their contract. (The Previous rule was age 32.) — Players who’re 72 overall or lower may not be signed to anything more than a 2 year contract. This applies to both extensions and free agency signings. –Roster– 53 man active roster required. If you’re found of keeping less you will be required to sign below-65 ovr free agents to fill out your roster.  –Disconnects– Disconnects will be handled on a case by case basis.