Madden PS5 CFM Rules

Inaugural League Setup Process

  • Getting Connected
    • If you haven’t already, get connected to our league/Discord/etc by starting here.
      • Before proceeding any further, you should read through the rest of the rules on this page.
    • Once you add yourself to our Madden league channel on Discord (different from the Madden game channel), check the open teams in the #Coaches area on Discord and let us know which team you’re interested in.
      • By the way, potential coaches who take the time to actually fill out a detailed application will be given higher priority when assigning any open teams.
  • Free Agency Draft
    • We will start the league with a 1-round free agency draft after the Week 1 roster is released.
      • Please do not sign anyone before the FA draft.
      • The draft will be done by list that must be sent to the commissioner via DM.
    • The draft order will be set based on team overall with the lowest-rated team having the first pick.
      • The tiebreaker for equal team ratings goes to whoever has been on the SSG server the longest.
    • Once the draft is complete, FA begins following the rules on this page below.


  • Advances during the regular season are every 48 hours at 9pm ET. Playoff advances are every 24 hours. Keep up with the Discord chat for exact dates and details on the offseason schedule as well.
  • All-Madden Sim
  • Custom sliders
  • 12 minute quarters
  • 12-second clock run-off
  • 10-play cool-down (must wait 10 plays before calling same play again. This is set in-game automatically)
  • Special abilities On
  • Game assists off
  • Created coaches
  • Team playbooks only, but can choose whichever you like
  • User/Manual catching is allowed, but possession catch can only be used 3 times per game
  • Switching on defense is allowed and you have full control over your players post-snap
  • You cannot move multiple defensive players before the snap
  • No playmaker
  • Incentives (player upgrade(s)) for played games at season’s end


User Catching

User/Manual catching is allowed, but possession catch can only be used 3 times per game.


Switching on defense is allowed and you have full control over your players post-snap.

Hot Routes

You may use one hot route per play: In addition to this, you can also adjust any route to a smart route (R1) or to assign a RB/TE to stay in to block.


Playmaker is not allowed. (Using Right stick to indicate where a receiver goes post-snap)


No play-action pass plays on 3rd and 5+ yards or 4th and 5+ yards. It is against the rules to call a play-action pass and then assign your RB to stay in and block. Call an audible, take a timeout, or run the play as is.


You can use motion in either a designed-motion play or manually. When using motion manually, you must let the player complete his motion and set before snapping the ball. Keep in mind that we use a short play clock!

Defensive Player Control

You can control any defender you’d like. You cannot move multiple defensive players before the snap, however. Players should stick to their zone while in coverage, but there is some leeway to this as well if you see an obvious play to make. However, you should not be running all over the field like a chicken with it’s head cut off; some leeway does not mean a free-for-all. Use strafing as you see fit.

QB Movement

No sprinting/dropping back 10 yards on drop-backs, no constantly drifting to the right/left on a standard drop-back, and no sprinting straight to the sidelines after the snap. There are some designed roll-outs in the game, but none of them sprint you to the sideline. You can, however, scramble if you are facing immediate pressure.

No Huddle

You can only no huddle once every 3 plays outside of the final 3 minutes of the game/half unless you’re losing in the 4th quarter.


Only team playbooks are allowed, but you can choose whichever team playbooks for offense and defense that you’d like and even switch week-to-week.

We use a 10-play cool-down as well as a maximum of 3 times a play can be called per game.

On offense, vary your runs, vary your formations and vary your routes. Do not resort to go-to plays on most 3rd downs. We all have tendencies, but let’s open up the playbook for this league.

On defense, vary your coverage, vary your formations and vary your blitzes. If you have a team that is built to play more man, feel free to do so. The same goes for zone schemes. Within your scheme you still need to call different zone/man plays.

Must rush at least 3 defenders on every play, QB spy does not count as a rusher.

4th Down/Punting Rules

Punting out of bounds is only acceptable when you’re between the 50 yard line and the opponent’s goal line. From your own 49 to your own endzone you’re required to punt in the field of play.

You can attempt 1 fake kick (a punt OR a FG) per game. An onside kick is not a fake kick.

You can go for it on 4th and 2 from the 50 yard line and in. This does not mean that it should be automatic to go on 4th in this situation, as the game situation should determine this.

You can go for it anytime you are losing in the 4th quarter.

You are allowed to come to to the line to try and draw the defense offsides, but this should not be overused in a game. Please only use in a realistic manner.

CPU Games

We allow vs CPU games when the team is not currently under human control, or if your opponent is unresponsive (use the #no-show-screenshots channel), or is unavailable and has granted permission.

No restarts of CPU games. They will be tough on All-Madden. You must stream, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you have time to complete the game and that your stream is being archived.

When a vs CPU is to be simmed, these games are always straight sims to prevent an inactive team from being completely irrelevant/awful. 

If a sim must happen, then the users in the game cannot sit their starters to avoid injuries.


If your opponent has conceded defeat late in the game at a reasonable point (by running only and chewing clock) you need to pump the brakes and just take the victory. That means not incessantly doing ball carrier moves or outside runs. If your opponent has NOT conceded defeat and is aggressively trying to come back (airing it out on offense & putting 8-9 men in the box run blitzing) the team in the lead is free to run their offense to keep the chains moving. Don’t score if you can run out the clock. Losing big is not an excuse to pad stats. This is going to be enforced very strictly. If a game is over, let it be over. 

If you have a complaint, contact a commissioner/admin privately on Discord. Do not blast the main chat with a complaint about your opponent. Disrespect will get you removed from the league. Joking is fine, disrespect is not.

Game Scheduling

Communication is key for a successful league. Please don’t be lax or passive when it comes to contacting your opponent. Don’t play the waiting game.

Failure to play games in a season without a valid reasoning given beforehand (ex: vacation) will result in removal from the league.

All head-to-head games must be streamed by the home team with a link to the their stream provided in the appropriate Discord channel.

Position/Number Changes


Restrictions to player positional changes include: 

  • No WR to TE
  • No WR to HB or HB to WR/TE
  • No K or P position changes

Jersey Numbers

Jersey numbers need to stay within the NFL guidelines:

  • Quarterback, punter, kicker: 1–19
  • Running back: 1–49, 80–89
  • Defensive back: 1–49
  • Linebacker: 1–59, 90–99
  • Offensive lineman: 50–79
  • Defensive lineman: 50–79, 90–99


We use the SSG League Trade Policy to help monitor trades.

  • No trading with the CPU.
  • Rookies cannot be traded.
  • Players signed in-season cannot be traded until the following season.
  • Players can only be traded once per season.
  • There is a 2-trade maximum in a season’s calendar year.
  • A Team must keep at minimum 5 draft picks in a season and you must have either a 1st or 2nd round pick for each season.
  • Processing a trade without prior approval will lead to a ban from the league.

When a trade is agreed upon, both teams must post/reply in a single forum thread on the finalized trades section of the forum. Both teams must include their rationale. Next, notify a Commish/Admin, and wait for approval before processing on console.

Free Agency/Rosters

Pre and Regular Season

  • Teams must carry 53-man rosters. This helps keep the salary cap challenging. This is controlled by the game automatically.
  • Teams must carry at least 3 healthy QBs on the roster for each game week. This helps with injuries as otherwise they won’t happen to QBs in any simmed games with less than 3.
  • Teams are allowed a total of 4 transactions per week during the season. This is controlled by the game automatically.
  • Players rated 90 our higher cannot be cut. This is controlled by the game automatically.


  • Maximum of 2 players can be cut during each stage of the offseason. This is controlled by the game automatically.
  • Maximum length contract offer is 5 years for all players and at all times.
  • Anyone signed illegally will be put back in FA and you will keep the penalty. 
  • Free agency advances will happen at a random time beyond 9pm each advance day.

Rule Violations & Penalties

  • Quitting a game will result in immediate removal from the league. No exceptions.
    • This includes games against the CPU.
    • Disconnects happen, and there are no penalties for those, but you must have your stream up and be able to show proof that is what happened.
  • If user possession catch is used successfully more than 3 times in a game, the opponent should notify a commissioner. Once confirmed, that WR must sit the next non-preseason game. If it happens again (5th time), the QB will sit as well. If it happens a 6th time, the coach will be booted from the league.
    • Failure to bench the players in the next game will also lead to removal from the league.
    • If this abuse is happening in the Super Bowl (and it appears the opponent just wants to win and then quit the league), you should back out of the game. Be sure you have the proper evidence though so that you do not get yourself booted instead!

Rewards and Upgrades

  • A team can earn a normal to star upgrade by playing in at least 16 of the 17 regular season games.
    • A playoff team will forfeit their upgrade if they miss a playoff game.
    • Upgrades will be rewarded after the Super Bowl.
  • A new GM entering the league after the first season will earn a normal to start upgrade. This is a one-time courtesy.