MLB The Show 20 Mike Lowe Sliders Franchise on YouTube

While the real-life MLB season is in a delay, MLB The Show 20 fans have found themselves diving into this year’s game perhaps more than ever before. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to build a bit of a following for creating gameplay sliders for The Show series, and this year I’m really happy with the progress made thus far. I’m working on a v1.3 that I plan to release later this week, and v1.2 is currently up in the Vault. Details of the slider set that go beyond just the slider adjustments themselves can be found in this thread over at Operation Sports.

Currently, I am streaming twice a week on YouTube (Wednesdays and Sundays 7pm ET), and have completed five episodes thus far.

If you’re a fan of The Show, and franchise mode especially, come check it out, and subscribe to the SSG YouTube channel to be notified each time I go live.

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