MLBTS Online Franchise – Rules

Welcome to the SSG’s MLB The Show Online Franchise League! Below is some information about the start of the league. We’ll update this page with more information as we go about building the league. You can share any ideas you have in our MLB The Show Discord channel.

Membership List (to reserve a spot in our team draft. Discord names shown below)

1 Chiefreed
2 detfan1984
3 Alladur7
4 brandonbuck
5 MattP598
6 Tombradyislord
7 french_toast209
8 Rankinjr
9 PGHCityKid
10 BigJizz
11 Joey
12 RyleyHaig
14 Joe Cioffi
15 Tom Moysak
16 Lanny
17 Mike Lowe
18 Terron
19 xGianTx
20 Dustywall33
21 waffles
22 JP
23 Tumblespaceweed
24 bloveless247
25 TheBleedingRed21
26 LaveWavey
27 Wrathful RKO
28 dmayder11
29 Blake Rowe
30 TheeNightKing


Public recruiting starts Thursday, February 27th
Team Draft is Sunday, March 1st (forum)
League start date is March 26, 2020

Flex Schedule
Season Length: 1 month real-time. Play as many of your games as you can.
Failure to play at least 2/3 of your games makes you eligible to be replaced.