NBA 2K MLO – Rules


Default Rosters with expansion teams
33 game schedule (we may rotate teams in divisions each year for schedule variety)
Superstar Difficulty
10 minute quarters
Custom Sliders
Game-generated draft classes (to prevent cheating)


If your opponent has conceded defeat late in the game at a reasonable point, you need to pump the brakes and just take the victory. If your opponent has NOT conceded defeat and is aggressively trying to come back, the team in the lead is free to run their offense. Losing big is not an excuse to pad stats.

If you have a complaint, contact a Commissioner/Admin privately on Slack. Do not blast the main chat with a complaint about your opponent.

–Game Scheduling–

Communication is key for a successful league. Please don’t be lax or passive when it comes to contacting your opponent. Don’t play the waiting game.


Offense: Vary your plays. Do not resort to go-to plays or quick plays all game long. We all have tendencies, but let’s open up the playbook for this league.

–CPU Games–

No CPU games are to be played.

–Position Changes–

-No position changes are allowed.

-You are required to keep at least one player of every position


– No trading with the CPU.
– When a trade is agreed upon, you must be post it on the forum, notify a Commish/Admin, and wait for approval before processing on console.
– Commissioner(s) have the right to veto any trade they feel is bad for the league.
– No trading 1st round picks until the first offseason.
– Rookies cannot be traded. This excludes draft and stash players before they enter the NBA.
– Players can only be traded once per season.
– For the first season, 2 trades are allowed per team.
– Number of trades per season after season 1 is maxed at 4. (The first Offseason is considered the start of Season 2)

–Free Agents–

If a team cuts a player they are not allowed to resign them for the rest of the season.


Players who are both 84+ overall AND under age 30 cannot be offered 1 year contracts. 


Players must have at least 14 players on their roster (during the season) at all times.


Disconnects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.