Franchise Chicken or Franchise Egg? When it comes to modern gamers and franchise modes, what should we expect to change first?

Today’s Daily Dose makes the assumption that we all have experienced the shift away from franchise modes being far-and-away the most popular modes in sports games. There’s no denying that online gameplay and card-trading modes have brought a tremendous amount … Read more

Making the Madden Preseason More Meaningful Are the changes needed as daunting as they may seem?

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First Official NBA 2K19 Footage, Featuring Music from Jay Rock "Take the Crown: To be the best, you have to take down the king"

The first gameplay footage for NBA 2K19 has been released. The minute-long trailer carries a cinematic tone and makes reference to the game celebrating its 20th year in development dating all the way back to NBA 2K9. The trailer heavily … Read more