SSG EA NHL PS4 Playoffs

We will use 7 game series in the 2,2,1,1,1 format. Rosters are from Online Versus. Home team streams games. Members earn the right to play in the next tournament automatically by advancing to the 2nd round. Teams will be chosen/retained with the Stanley Cup champion having first choice and then working backwards from there.

Western Conference Quarter Finals Western Conference Semi Finals Western Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals Eastern Conference Finals Eastern Conference Semi Finals Eastern Conference Quarter Finals

Patrick-Flyers vs ———-

Mike Lowe vs ———-

———- vs ———-

———- vs ———-

Ridin vs ———

———- vs ———- ———- vs ———- ———- vs ———- Tanner Yoho vs ———-

Bob KC/Jags vs ———

———- vs ———-

———- vs ———- ———- vs ———-
vs ———- vs ———-