SSG Madden CFM Recaps (2-22)

The 2022 season has been progressing rapidly in the SSG Madden CFM, and here’s the latest from a number of teams who’ve chimed in for this week’s edition of Weekly Recaps. You can find out more information about our SSG Madden CFM from our website’s primary navigation. mason (Buccaneers) After throwing 4 interceptions in the season opening loss many questions were raised about Jamies Winston eyesight just 3 years after having Lasik eye surgery but after a rough start the Buccaneers have turned it’s around with a 4-2 start with a huge 55-28 win over divisional opponent Panthers. When asked about throwing 3 interceptions and surpassing his interceptions form a year ago Winston said “ Yes my eye sight is starting to go again, I will be getting another corrective eye surgery this off-season. But who needs me to throw when we have last seasons OPOY Jonathan Taylor.” The Buccaneers have a rough schedule upcoming but when asked about it coach Mason Quirk said “Hey these guys will fight like dogs out there and won’t stop till they win, but at least we got those two free wins coming up against those garbage Saints” BigJizz-Redskins After a good win Vs the Lions the Redskins headed to Minnesota to face the Vikings. They started out shaky as the went down 17-7 in the first quarter and ended the half down 28-14. But the efforts of Clifford Neal and Dwayne Haskins brought the Skins back in the game taking the lead with 40 seconds left after a 70 yard td from Jordan Reed to make it 49-45. But 2 plays later and 10 second pass it’s 52-49 and Haskins has to lead his team down the field 76 yards to win. He makes a great read hitting Cameron Brate on a wheel route but when trying to get out of bounds Brate gets popped and fumbles and the Vikings picked up the ball to win the game. The effort of 189 yards on the ground from Clifford Neal wasn’t enough to beat the Vikings. As Jimmy Garappolo and Adam Theilen broke 2 single game records, most passing yards for Garappolo at 617 and receiving yards in a game for Theilen at 330. As the Redskins head into the bye to make the playoffs they are gonna need to make some moves. As they have already started but cutting their starting safety for the past 3 years Bobby McCain. Coach Jizz says,”The offense has been our teams bread and butter but the secondary has beeen Dogshit” in an interview for the Redskins local radio. bkmotorsports (bears) Bears win a close one against the lions with the number 4 ranked defense coming up big late on a 4th and goal on the 5. These two teams have been playing each other hard the last couple matchups and this game was no different. Bears made the first big mistake with second year QB Nick Donnell throwing a pick 6 on the second drive of the game. Of course drops have been a huge issue for the bears this season, and it seemed to be a continuing theme again. Once settled in, the offense started moving the ball and putting together drives. By the end of the second quarter the game was tied going into the half. A big play on the first drive for the lions scored them their first offensive TD of the game, and it proved to be the last. The bears defense bend but don’t break style really took over late into the third quarter and when it really mattered holding the Lions to no points from the 3rd quarter on. Bears will look to try and beat the Patriots next week, a team they have struggled with in the past, and face their former first round pick Mitch Trubisky. It should be a good matchup if the defenses come to play. Tumblespaceweed After throwing 3 interceptions and one touchdown Head coach Mike Burger decided it was a good decision to bench matthew stafford after halftime. Drew Lock came in and was able to give the team a little spark down 26-7 he lead the team back to 26-21 falling short in the fourth not being able to get a touchdown and throwing two interceptions in crunch time. Matthew Stafford will be the starter for our week 9 matchup at the Chiefs. Newly acquired Jerrick Mckinnon had a touchdown and 31 yards on 7 touches. I really believe being winless is starting to get into some of the players heads making some boneheaded plays. We are trying our best to turn around this awful season, this is one of the worst seasons so far in broncos history. Broncos are now 0-7. eaespinal After a self-imposed hiatus, coach tony returns as head coach of the 1-6 Cincinnati Bengals. Stepping away from the game to spend time with family as well as education, coach Tony is elated to return to the game of football. “I would just like to say i am glad to be back, have a tough matchup against the 5-1 Miami dolphins. “but at this point of the season, we are looking to evaluate our current talent, change the culture here in Cincinnati so that we can build a winner for years to come.” Mike Lowe The Lions continue to be a streaky team having started 0-3, then getting back to 3-3, and now sitting at 3-5 after dropping their last two games. Both of the recent loses were tight loses to the Bears 24-20 and a 30-28 lost to the undefeated 49ers. The Bears did a great job converting on 3rd downs while the Lions didn’t, and even after winning the turnover battle, the Lions simply didn’t come up with the big plays the same way the Bears did. The 49ers game box score would seem to indicate the Lions pulled out the victory, but that wasn’t the case as the 49ers found ways to win, and the Lions lose in a very realistic typical Lions fashion by scoring too soon (and I wasn’t even wanting to score) with about a minute left in the 4th on 1st down to take their first lead of the game. Wouldn’t you know it, the 49ers march down the field through the air and via a PI called against the Lions. They kick a game-winning FG to improve to 8-0. We are happy with the way in which rookie QB Jeremiah Barbieri continues to grow, and it’s remarkable to have played Kahlil Mack and Joey Bosa in back-to-back weeks and to not have given up a sack to either player. At last check, the Lions lead the NFL in rushing yards, yet are the only team at the top with a losing record. We are finding more success than we thought this year, and look forward to the team continuing to improve with little-to-no pressure the rest of the season. Tumblespaceweed In week 9 the Broncos lose another one 48-45 dropping to 0-8. First we want to say that Superstar WR John Ross should be fine after taking that hit, we will evaluate him over the week to see if he will be good to go week 10. Veteran QB Matthew Stafford was able to not turn the ball over this game throwing for 192 and 2 touchdowns. The run game is what gave this offense juice Phillip Lindsay had 190 yards and 1 touchdown including an insane 99 yard run and newly acquired Jerick McKinnon ran for 158 and 1 touchdown as well. WR Manny Reese had a 70 yard touchdown on a screen. We need something to change in the secondary we cant be losing games when we score 45 points. FILIteano For 3 quarters, the Titans hung tough against the undefeated Eagles, losing 14-7. A shootout ensued in the 4th quarter, with the Eagles scoring 21 pts and the Titans scoring 19. The Eagles converted a fake punt on 4th down to seal the victory, scoring at the end of the drive as well. The Titans welcomed back rookie TE Danny Spear back from injury, who responded with 7 catches for 217 yards and 3 TDs Mike Lowe One thing Madden definitely gets right is the “Lion-ism” of the Detroit Lions. It was a fairly close game with Atlanta all the way down to the end of the 4th quarter with both teams not doing a whole lot on offense. Lions lead 16-8, and with about 30 seconds left in the game, give up a TD on 3rd and long from about 25-30 yards out. It was an absolute Lion-ism moment that any Lions fan would recognize. Even the boos from the crowd sounded authentic. Where the game really messed up was that Atlanta failed the 2-point conversion and the Lions held on for the win, 16-14. bkmotorsports (bears) Another tough loss for the bears at the hands of the Vikings. The game started off well in both sides of the ball for the Bears, but as was the issue last week against the patriots, the redZone offense can’t seem to punch it thru. Drops again have been an issue, no rhyme or reason they just bounce off guys hands. Still the Bears had their chances late into the third quarter, but the stout defense could only hold for so long. Lack of offense is a huge issue for the bears and will have to be addressed this offseason. Second year qb Nick Donnell just isn’t turning the corner like the Bears had hoped. Accuracy in the big moments being the main issue. Speed behind the line and ability to make plays on the run are another major issue. Next game can the Cardinals doesn’t appear to be a game the Bears are looking forward to as the cardinals have beat them soundly the last two meeting