SSG OOTP Baseball League Weekly Recaps

With the start of SSG OOTP Baseball’s Spring Training rapidly approaching, here’s the latest from a number of teams who’ve chimed in for this week’s edition of Weekly Recaps. You can find out more information about the SSG OOTP Baseball league from our website’s primary navigation. Mike Lowe The Angels have had a bit of a quiet offseason. We resigned SP Gerrit Cole which would have been the most sought-after FA in this year’s class (and free from compensation), so while we didn’t add anything we added a whole lot getting a pitcher like him on board for the entire 2020 season and beyond. We have yet to have a single player make a Top-10 list, yet we made it to the World Series in 2019 and in 2016. That’s been the plan all along; build a team that any one player can win the game, whether it’s that day’s SP or the 8-hole hitter. We don’t need a team full of superstars (although inheriting Mike Trout certainly helps), but just guys who can do their job and do it consistently well. The biggest question we may have is whether Franklin Barreto can improve his defensive play at SS. We have 22-year old Ben Simmons in AAA who should be on the MLB roster at some point in 2020, and that debut may be speed up if we find ourselves needing to move Barreto to 3B or even the OF. We know we have some studs in the OF in Trout, Myers’ bat, and the defense of 22-year old Jose Patino. We’re also excited to see how Rule-5 pick Ron Jones does as that’ll tell us a lot about our future plans for Myers who’s schedule to be a FA after the 2020 season. The fact that the reigning AL Cy Young winner may end up being our 3rd starter shows the sort of depth we’ve been trying to build over the years. It’s a long season, and injuries happen as we saw losing our #1 SP Garrett Richards early in 2019, and we’ve tried to build this team to sustain the marathon that is the MLB season. Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) St. Louis Cardinals are finished making major moves prior to Spring Training. Hoping one or two of the up and coming pitchers and outfielders make my decisions going into the regular season hard. jpontzer (ATL) For the Braves: our rotation, bullpen, offense and defense should be good. It’s mostly the same group of guys that were on the team last year that finished around .500 and I’m excited for the new year. Hoping to compete with the two really good teams at the top of the division, but it will be a challenge. Tom Moysak|Yankees As far as my Yanks go, plain and simple. This year could either go really bad, or we can sneak into a wild card. Tough division which makes it all the more risky of a decision to go “all in” on guys like Skaggs, hultzen, and Bell, but we believe with a solid core in Avila, Sanchez and Brooks, we might surprise people. But I have my work cut out for me as it’s a 4 team race in the ALE right now. SweenDawg72 The Mets have moved out some veterans to bring in some younger talent this offseason. Fans have shown anger towards the Mets Front Office with Fan Favorites Harvey and Wright being moved out of New York. Mets are excited about the young new addition CF Juan De Leon this coming season. Marcus(Coyotes/Cubs) Not much to report from the Cubs this off season. After a poor 2019, the owner has slashed the payroll budget, combining that with some questionable personnel moves have left me high and dry right now. Looks like I’m going to have to deal with what I’ve got going into spring training and hopefully I’ll be able to right this ship this season. dmayder11 New As gm excited to see some growth from a relatively young team. A very poor performance over the past few years has the owner running on a tight budget, making it difficult for us to bring in immediate help. With a poorly ranked farm system it will be a difficult task getting this team back to contending in a very difficult division. A young starting pitching staff coupled with some veterans out of the problem looks to be an upgrade over last year, but that will require some serious strides from the youngsters. An offense that appeared to underperform a year ago, looks to have gotten some help with the signing of veteran 1B Eric Hosmer. But the question remains where he will play as two of last years best hitters on the As occupied the DH and first base positions. Losing veteran leaders such as Sonny Gray and Kole Calhoun could prove to be problematic as this team struggles through the dog days of summer, but the young GM is holding out hope that he can turn this ship around sooner rather than later. Excited to get this season going, hoping I have a few guys that can over perform and help me retool my organization. Need help anywhere I can get, so if you see somebody on my roster you like, anyone and everyone is available, so let’s get some negotiations started.