PS4 Madden 19 CFM Advances to Preseason Week 2 Updates from around the league as well as some slider changes heading into PS Week 2 (stream archive below)

Week 1 of the PS4 Madden 19 CFM preseason is in the books, and we saw a lot of positives. We are already starting to see some trends developing as well, and some settings changes have been made heading into Week 2 of the preseason. Some minor adjustments to the game clock, penalties, as well … Read more

EA NCAA Football’s Comeback Could Start in Ultimate Team What a new college football gaming environment could start to look like

Ever since the EA NCAA Football series went belly up, we’ve been left with nothing but a void when it comes to college football gaming, especially if you wanted to play on a console (for PC gamers who like text sim games, go check out Bowl Bound College Football). Over the weekend, however, a thought … Read more

Madden 19 Poised to be Summer Blockbuster We are witnessing the rebirth of the sports game genre...right?

Now, perhaps the header and sub-header of this post are a bit of hyperbole, but I feel it’s true, and today’s Daily Dose is focused entirely on celebrating today’s Madden 19 release. It’s also a reminder for us to enjoy one of the most important football events of the year (again, not hyperbole in 2018). Rebirth isn’t … Read more

FIFA 19 Introduces Kick-Off Mode Unique house rules and match types add new twists to FIFA 19

FIFA 19’s new Kick-Off mode is a new twist to head-to-head play as it will allow gamers to choose from unique house rules and match types. Players will be able to choose between a Classic Match, UEFA Champions League, Home & Away, Best of Series, First to X, Cup Final, and more.Choices are also offered … Read more

Making the Madden Preseason More Meaningful Are the changes needed as daunting as they may seem?

To say the Madden preseason experience has become stale over the past few years would be an enormous understatement. While it’s safe to say the preseason is not the most exciting time of the NFL season either, there are some important elements of why the real-life teams value the preseason so much in setting the stage … Read more