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Sims Sports Gaming is built on the foundation of community–it’s what we value above all else. We’re an eSports website for both console and text-sim leagues, and also cover sports gaming news.

We aim to keep all of our leagues relevant by helping them with exposure and generating interest from the SSG community and beyond. We are a community build around the shared passion of sports games on console and PC and competing against other like-minded gamers who understand the value in putting a positive experience above winning at all costs.

We are a community for people like you, as I imagine there’s a reason you’ve stumbled upon this site. We’re a community for folks who enjoy sports gaming, especially in the franchise mode environments, but in other variations as well. We’re a community for folks looking for news about the games they love, and who want to take those experiences deeper by becoming not just better players themselves, but in helping others as well. We’re a community of sim sports gamers.