Member Spotlight – Tom Moysak

Username (and actual name if you’d like to share)
tcmoy3, Tom Moysak
Which league(s) do you belong to?
Where are you from?
Westchester, NY
What do you do for work/school?
I’m a Legal Studies Major at St. Johns University. I’ve worked in various sports settings, once for a couple of weeks with the Westchester Knicks and for a summer with the New Jersey Jackals. I’m hoping to attend law school in New York, get a law degree and work for the MLB commissioner’s office or players association. I’m also interested in player agencies and would not rule out starting my own agency.
Other personal life details (family, hobbies, etc)
Love going to Yankee games, hoping to one day see every baseball stadium. (So far I’ve only seen Marlins Park, Yankee Stadium both old/new, and Citi Field) Also have been an avid car lover since I can remember, and I frequent Miller Motors luxury dealerships in Greenwich CT with my HS friends whenever I’m back home. Very nice people and are very O.K. with car lovers like me stopping by just to marvel at McLarens, Bentleys, and Ferraris! (and much, much more).
Gaming experience
My parents weren’t so thrilled with me playing games as a very young kid but that changed when I got a PSP 3000 (yeah, the chunky one, still my favorite console to this day) for Christmas when I was about 10 years old. Got MLB 09 and God of War along with it. As far as my introduction to the PC gaming world I started playing Minecraft in 7th grade and downloaded Borderlands 2. I built my own PC with tip money from work in high school and frequented various steam games such as Arma 3, CS:GO, Borderlands, and the Fallout series. Proud to say I’ve put in almost 500 hours into Arma 3. Video games have been a primary hobby for me since I can remember
What brought you to SSG?
I think it may have been a retweet from someone in the MLB The Show community and I stumbled upon the site and saw that there was an online league for a game that I started to really get into in 2016 (OOTP). It caught my attention so I submitted an application. Did it at the right time because it resulted in me taking over for my favorite team, the Yankees. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I’m happy to be a part of it!
Real life teams you support
Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, I’ll also watch Premier League soccer when its on in the mornings.
Experience playing sports
I played Mite hockey which was my first “organized sport” and then joined my town’s little league that summer, and took off with baseball. Also played a bit of basketball in middle school but I’d say baseball was the sport I gravitated towards and played the most as a kid. I wanted to be like Robinson Cano so I played Second base. When I got to high school the coach put me in center field because of my speed, so I have a bit of experience in multiple positions. I’d describe myself as a speedy, defensive-minded player who could barely hit but was very disciplined at the plate (I never swung which resulted in me either striking out or walking)
Favorite sports movie
Moneyball. Close seconds are Field of Dreams and Sandlot (the first one)
Favorite sports-related quote
“I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee” – Joe DiMaggio
Something we’d be surprised to find out about you
I’m reading the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement in my free time, and am about a quarter of the way through.
Anything else you’d like us to know
Love being a part of SSG!