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A Real-Time Journey into America’s Pastime

Welcome to SSG Hockey, where enthusiasts gather to compete in simulated games using Franchise Hockey Manager software. Established in 2023, our league mirrors the real NHL calendar, offering a dynamic and authentic experience. Founded by passionate hockey fans, we strive to replicate the nuances of professional hockey while fostering camaraderie and skill development among members. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to virtual hockey, SSG Hockey provides an engaging journey into the thrilling world of hockey simulation. Join us for an immersive experience where the timeless allure of the sport comes to life in every game.

Started in 2023

Real-time schedule (daily sims)

Trophy sent to yearly champion

Annual offseason Zoom call

Dedicated community

Unique league evolution

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League File

League File

Marcus McConnell

SSG Hockey Co-Commish, Edmonton Oilers GM

A longtime member of the SSG community who started with the SSG Baseball league as the Cubs GM in 2017, and joined the original SSG Hockey league as the Coyotes GM. Now involved as the co-commish of the new SSG Hockey league and as the Oilers GM.

Stephen Reott

SSG Hockey Penguins GM

A lifelong passion for hockey and the Pittsburgh Penguins led Stephen from being a devoted fan to becoming the team’s General Manager in 2024. His journey from intern to head scout showcases his blend of enthusiasm and analytical skills, aiming to maintain the Penguins’ competitive edge while fostering new talent.

Q. What time do we sim?
A. We sim daily (unless otherwise noted) and will advance one game day per sim. The time of the sim is 7pm ET, so be sure to have your export in for that day no later than that time.

Q. I keep getting an invalid data base error.
A. This is a bug within the game, but here is a workaround that will get you setup: 1) Create a new standard league. None of the settings really matter, but I would suggest selecting the team you plan to be as this will have the league default to your team later on. 2) Once that new league has been created, download the league file. 3) Extract the league file from the website to the new dummy league you just created and overwrite everything. 4) You can name this league/folder whatever you’d like, but make sure it ends in .lg (SSG Hockey.lg, for example). 5) Be sure to also get the GM dat file from the website and place it in your \settings folder as you will need that file to export.

Q. How do I set a password for myself?
A. Manager–>Options

Q. How do I submit my export?
A. Just go to File –> Online League –> Export your team via FTP

Q. Can I download the league file in-game?
A. Yes. File–>Setup/Options–>Online League–>Download and Update League File

Q. I cannot download the league file in-game. It locks up on me!
A. Ensure your league folder is called ssgfhm.lg It might take a day for any file cache to reset.

Q. Is trading with an AI team allowed?
A. No. We don’t trust it, and we’d rather get those teams filled then having someone join only to see their team has been fleeced.

Q. Are we required to post that we have made an offer to a free agent and how much it was for, or can we just make offers in-game?
A. You can just make your free agency offers in-game. No need to announce anything unless you want to in either the ⁠rumor-mill and/or ⁠news channels for fun. (edited)

Q. I’m trying to offer a contract extension to a player. I’ve tried “Save Current game,” and the game just shuts off. My question is, if I export my game save via FTP will my contract negotiations save? Or do I have to use the “save current game” option?
A. Yes, it will be “saved” that way in that it will be stored in the export. It will get processed when a commissioner advances the league and posts a new league file.

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