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SSG Baseball is a vibrant community where baseball aficionados gather to compete in simulated games using the Out of the Park Baseball software. What distinguishes SSG Baseball is its unique real-time schedule, mirroring the MLB calendar, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the experience. Founded by devoted fans, the league meticulously replicates the intricacies of real-life baseball, fostering a supportive atmosphere where members share tips, strategies, and camaraderie. The league caters to a diverse range of players, both new and experienced, offering an engaging and immersive journey into the timeless allure of America’s pastime.

Started in 2015

Real-time schedule (daily sims)

Trophy sent to yearly champion

Winter Meetings Zoom call

Stats+ integration

Dedicated community

Share your experience. Share your story.

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Mike Lowe

SSG Baseball Angels GM

An original member of SSG Baseball, Mike has been the GM of the Angels since 2015 and has been to three World Series, winning in 2023.

Darius Collins

Waiting List Candidate

I’ve been playing in OOTP leagues for the past three years, and never saw a daily league like this until now. It sounds awesome!

Coming soon…Share your requests in Discord to be added here!

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