SSG League Trade Policy

Below is a standard guide on how trades are to be overseen by league management. These rules can apply to any SSG league if the commissioner(s) chooses to use them.

Seniority Trade Windows

  • First 2 Weeks of Membership – No trades are permitted. Period.
  • Weeks 3-6 of Membership – All submitted trades are overseen and approved by league leadership (commissioner, etc.). Trades will be discussed privately, and a commissioner will post a final vote and justification that represents the overall stance of the league’s leadership. Approval will be decided upon within 24 hours of a trade being submitted.
    • League leadership will also ensure that any players traded in this phase have been playing in a normal capacity, and not having been sat to avoid injuries, etc. This would be considered tampering, and trades suspected of being involved in tampering will be rejected.
    • For a trade to qualify during this stage, a member must have demonstrated consistent exporting of their team.
  • First 6 Months of Membership – League leadership will monitor any posted deals, yet are not required to post official approval. League leadership does, however, hold the right to veto any trade that is deemed unfair.
  • Beyond 6 Months of Membership – Trade at your own risk! League leadership still holds the right to call attention to any trade that is deemed unfair (usually for an internal review/vote).

Posting a Trade

  • One team will start by posting the trade details:
    • Your team/organization
    • Player name(s)
    • Teams all players play for, including minors (this helps us quickly locate the right players)
    • Rationale for the trade for your team
  • The other team(s) involved in the trade most reply to the same post and include the same information as above for their team/players.