2023 Milwaulkee Brewers Season End Review

What can I say. The wordthat comes to mind is … disappointment. There was the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The Good: The Bad: Year/Team ▾R/GRHRAVGOBPSLGOPS2022 Milwaukee Brewers4.16571390.2560.3070.3910.6982023 Milwaukee Brewers3.96331310.2480.3130.3840.696 How ugly! We had lower numbers while aquiring proven offensive pieces while really not changing the core of our lineup from 2022. To call … Read more

Atlanta Review | 4/21

4/15: Off day 4/16: Braves were just blanked. Bernardo Garcia just utterly destroyed our lineup while striking out eight through six innings of work. We only had 7 hits on the day with Peraza and Enciarte both having two-hit performances. We continue to have errors on almost a daily basis as three runs off of … Read more

Atlanta Review | 4/14

Review for the week of Apr. 8th, 2019. 4/8: Strong performance from Yeralf Torres in his first Major League start, three runs over 5.2 IP while striking out six, and feeling the HR ball from Coors Field by giving up two. Jose Peraza had himself a three-hit game as the game’s lead-off hitter and in … Read more

OOTP Braves Hot Start

The year is 2019 and we are ten games into this incredibly young season, but that hasn’t stopped me from rejoicing in the success that we have created thus far. It is jaw-dropping to think that we are 9-1 and our offense has been producing and sitting near the top in production for the NL. … Read more