Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 Provides Gamers Option Ahead of NCAA Tournament

Official Press Release–It’s March – that means busted brackets, Cinderella stories, and the most exciting championship season in all of sports, and for those of you who can’t get enough of the madness just by watching, you can experience it all for yourself with Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 from Wolverine Studios. This year’s edition is our biggest and best, and here are just some of the massive new improvements in this year’s game.
  • Brand New UI for quick and easy navigation
  • New 2D coaching screen to put all of the coaching options right on the game screen allowing faster adjustments in addition to new coaching options such as offensive stalling and timeouts on made baskets
  • New sandbox mode to allow you to jump from team-to-team for those who don’t want to play in challenge mode and earn their promotions
  • Brand new pre-game scouting report giving you new and more useful stats to analyze your upcoming opponent and improved summer camp report to make it easier to target which players have interest in your school
  • New option to turn over summer recruiting to the AI and skip ahead with one click for those who want to get to the season quicker each year
  • Expansion of in game Tournament Maker feature to allow for 16 and 32 team custom tournaments, as well as added stat tracking for these exhibition tournaments
  • Use community-created mods with teams, logos, and even home courts to enhance your gaming experience and take the realism to a whole new level
A free demo is available at wolverinestudios.com, and the game is available for purchase there and on Steam.