SSG Weekly – DDSCF League, Madden CFM, NBA 2K MLO, NCAA 14 OD, MLB The Show League, FOF Championship

In this edition of SSG Weekly, we continue to add new members to our DDSCF league. We also are starting the 2021 playoffs in our PS4 Madden CFM which has a few open teams at the moment. Two new leagues are starting up at SSG this week and that’s our PS4 NBA 2K MLO and … Read more

PlayStation Introduces DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

According to the official PlayStation blog, the New DualShock 4 back-button attachment “allows you to utilize more of your hand to shorten your response time and gives you more flexibility in competitive gameplay.” The DS4 attachment will work with all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles, will retail for $29.99 (USD), and is set to … Read more

SSG Holiday Fundraiser

Sim Sports Gaming has been up and running since August 2018, but unfortunately it’s not free for me as I’ve spent about $600 out of pocket thus far. I’m happy to do my part though as it’s been a blast! With that said, if you’re looking to make a holiday donation/contribution to our community, here … Read more