Angels Revisiting Deal Involving Travis Ballew

Angels pitcher Travis Ballew has quietly been a key contributor to one of the best teams in SSG Baseball since 2019. Image credit: Keith Allisonderivative work: Delaywaves talk, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons At the start of the offseason, the Angels began exploring deals for swingman Travis Ballew, a pitcher who had a … Read more

NHL 21 Franchise-Focused Review

Overview of Franchise Review This is a post-release review for NHL 21, so most likely you’ve made up your mind about a lot of things regarding this game. Therefore, this review is not focused on gameplay or new game modes. This review is heavily focused on franchise mode, so if you’re someone who enjoys franchise … Read more

Roundtable: Will Any New College Sports Game Ever Live Up to the Hype?

Games like College Hoops 2K8, EA NCAA Football 14 have been elevated to legendary status and continue to have strong followings. If and when college sports gaming make a comeback, will these studios feel the pressure to recreate that greatness, or will living up to the community’s expectations be impossible? We asked the SSG Community, … Read more