Maximum Football November Content Update

Maximum Football’s largest content update is now available on the PS4 and Xbox One. The update includes the major additions of Logo & Helmet Editor and The Spring League in Practice Mode. Thanks to the community’s feedback, we have been able to identify and improve a number of other areas as well. Full change list is below: Major Feature Updates
  1. Full Logo Editor under Customize Menu (featuring 50 save slots, unlimited layers)
  2. Rebranded Practice Mode as “The Spring League”
  3. Added Helmet Logos under the Helmet Editor
  4. Added Night Games
  1. Fixed an issue where the team that kicked off the game would also kick off in the second half
  2. Player head tracking fixed when covering a kick
  3. Changed a bug where CPU would call a timeout consecutively
  4. Fixed an issue where DBs will sometimes spin 360 before following a receiver
  5. Players will no longer go offside after unpausing the game.
  6. No longer able to cycle through opponents players while on defense when possession was changed
  7. Pausing the game while the punter lines up will no longer cause them to hang in animation.
  8. Defenders will no longer ‘warp’ to a new position when being knocked in the backfield
  9. Players will no longer get stuck in a blocking stance after the play has ended
  10. General gameplay and physics enhancements were made as well
 Rules & Stats
  1. College Rules not saving in Season mode has been fixed
  2. Stats have been rerecorded in the database and will properly record when the same team is playing each other
General Improvements
  1. General performance improvements
  2. Team logos added to midfield
  3. Increased screen resolution within the Customization menus
  4. Fixed an audio issue where the sound clip of the player running would randomly occur during a game
– Maximum Football Team (Canuck Play Inc & Spear Interactive)