Maximum Football Patch Available now on PS4, Xbox One Patch Imminent

Maximum Football/Spear Interactive Press Release–Maximum Football 2018’s (@MaxFootballGame) first patch since release is now available on both the PS4 and Xbox One. The patch includes improvements to the physics system which has smoothed out animations and eliminated phantom tackles. There has also been a complete overhaul of the tackling system. Thanks to the community’s feedback, we have been able to identify and squash many other bugs and league rule adjustments. Full change list is below: Gameplay
  1. Significant physics improvements now generate better tackles, eliminates ‘phantom tackles’, and smooths out animations.
  2. It is now possible to select closest defender to the ball while the ball is in the air.
  3. Pressing the Dive button now properly processes the dive animation.
  4. The game no longer automatically selects the kickoff options if the visiting team won the coin toss and was also human controlled.
  5. Viewing a replay after a failed two point convert will no longer reset the downs.
  6. Players no longer become frozen if pausing the game while setting up for a field goal (or 1 point PAT)
  7. The QB will no longer attempt to throw the ball after being sacked.
  8. It is now possible to view the on-field play art after calling an audible.
  9. A human controlled QB now faces the correct direction while throwing (A QB may also need to stop and turn if making a throw to the other side of the field).
  10. Receivers in ‘scramble mode’ now look in the correct location.
  11. A human controlled defender will now properly get into a ready stance when not being moved.
  12. You can now skip past the opposing team’s TD celebration.
  13. Improvements to the fumble recovery animation should reduce the amount of ‘missed’ ball recoveries.
  14. Pre-snap help window is no longer shown during replays.
  15. When on defense, it is no longer possible to cycle through the offensive team’s players prior to the center taking possession of the ball after there has been a change of possession.
  16. The game camera no longer starts at the center of the field if loading a saved game that was last saved during a PAT attempt.
  17. The center can no longer backpedal into the QB if the formation has the QB under center (not shotgun).
 Rules & Stats
  1. Players running out of bounds now properly stop the clock under US rules settings.
  2. Statistics for a QB sack are now properly recorded based on the rule settings. These stats are recorded based on the rule set in place for that game.
  3. Corrected the US rules Delay of Game penalty to be 5 yards.
  4. PAT Attempts now always properly spot the ball when using US Rules. It was previously using the Canadian rule for setting the ball on the closest hash mark.
  5. A human controlled QB back pedaling out of the end zone will now properly trigger a safety.
  6. Ball placement after an incomplete pass under US rules has been corrected. It was previously using the Canadian rule for setting the ball on the closest hash mark.
General Improvements
  1. General performance improvements.
  2. Simulation of a season game will no longer hang if you switch rule sets during the season
  3. Controlling colour sliders with the left thumb stick now works correctly on the PS4.
  4. The game no longer hangs while accessing Season Mode.
  5. Added a new method for editing depth charts. It’s now possible to edit and manage depth charts on a global level, not just on a formation level.
  6. Added Overall player ratings
  7. Minor visual changes to UI elements.
Certification Requirement
  1. There is a change in the way the game handles controller disconnects in practice mode.
We are still aware of some reports of the game crashing on the PS4 while making edits on the customization screen. We have not been able to reproduce that issue on any of our Dev kits, Test kits, or even our retail kits (using the retail version of the game). However we continue to look into the problem. – Maximum Football Team