NCAA Football 14 in 2023 – Essential Guide for a Realistic Dynasty

Last year, we created a consolidation of some of the best tools and house rules offered by the Revamped community for NCAA Football 14. We’re back at it this year with an updated version that should help you get underway in your NCAA Football dynasty for the 2023 season.

Aside from updating the obvious like the latest version of Revamped, 2023 rosters, schedules, etc., here is what we have added for 2023 from the Revamped community:

  • Future Conference Branding
  • CPU Defensive Timeout Logic Overhaul
  • Kicking Logic Overhaul
  • Fang’s Scouting in the Dark
  • cgator22’s updated gameplay patch v3.5

You can access the updated page here, and if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the work from the Revamped community, check them out here!