Roundtable: Will Virtual Reality Expand with Release of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

Virtual Reality hasn’t exactly caught on in the console gaming world, but will that change with the upcoming releases of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X? The SSG Community weighs in with their take. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Mike Lowe Virtual reality isn’t necessarily a new ‘thing’ but it s popularity certainly seems to be on the rise, and not just with gaming. What is your experience with virtual reality and/or augmented reality? With the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 less than a year away, do you envision VR playing a larger role? What do you like and/or dislike about VR/AR? waffles VR will play a bigger role as I believe that companies see it as the future of gaming like how some movies picture it Mike Lowe Even sporting events. Has anyone seen those NBA games that offer the courtside experience? PadresGM The courtside experience is amazing My issues with vr are that the car headsets that are not connected to the computer do not have the best quality And there are too many headsets in the marketplace….you really have to debate which headset you want because non have all the issues None have all what I want* SSGN8(Nate Brooks) I think augmented reality might play a big role at live events in the near future vs actual VR Born2Run1963 (Kevin Oaks) At my age, I think it’s important that Virtual Heart Attacks be included in any Virtual Tennis package. Mike Lowe VR to me, whether it’s gaming or places like education, is a case of having a beautiful and high-powered sports car, but having nothing to drive it on other than dirt roads. What games are truly worth investing in a VR system? And like it was mentioned above, there are already too many hardware options to choose from. So whether you want a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, it doesn’t matter as you’ll just be spinning around on dirt roads. With all of that said, I think it’s a great avenue for certain sports games: Golf, boxing and MMA, tennis, and hitting in baseball. Beyond that, I’d be impressed if these next-gen systems are able to hone in on things like baseball pitching and fielding, football, basketball, and hockey. Virtual coach, as silly as it may sound, could be something possible too. Zach | Braves I am not on board with VR yet. I think the concept is one that’s great but I haven’t felt the urge to even debate on getting one. I hadn’t thought about the court side seat option; that’s an amazing idea. But if you do VR like that (which would market to me more), why not just have it on your phone anyways. You don’t need this expensive piece of equipment to have an experience where you don’t need to move or interact. But for gaming it just looks way to clunky. Tom Moysak|Yankees It’s not at its full potential yet. I’m sure there were people out there who disliked the concept of touchscreen phones or stuff like that, there just needs to be more of a practical use for it and people will come to see its potential. Like you can use it for virtual training for certain professions, not that that would completely replace in-person training but it could be used as a part of it to immerse yourself especially at a young age what working in your prospective field could be like in real time. I just think we need to give it a little more time for the tech to develop, obviously from a gaming standpoint its not worth it because most AAA games aren’t available on VR, which kinda defeats the purpose if you’re a hardcore gamer into games with detailed graphics and open world play. I read somewhere its being used to treat PTSD in military vets stuff like that I can see being useful in our daily lives and it has to be something that we can use in our daily lives or else its just going to pander to gamers and that’s not a wide audience you want to sell a revolutionary product to although its growing every year, even then I have a google VR headset and maybe after 5 months it became outdated and there weren’t nearly enough games or things for me to do on it for me to want to use it. Other than the occasional party trick where I can show my family that they can go to anywhere on google maps and can act like they’re at those places using the headset I have no other use for it. OOTPManager76(Jeff Copeland) Construction companies are starting to use it so they can see what problems they will run into when they actually build a project. I think it’s one of those tipping point kind of things. If their is a commercial application that businesses can use it for, then I think that the more money that will be poured into it and then it will take off. Nigel Ayde @PadresGM which VR glasses did you end up using? I attempted to pick up league pass, but they never said exactly which pair was compatible. The price point and investment made it a bit too much of a risk.. PadresGM @Nigel Ayde decided to wait…I wanted something more interactive than Oculus go but non of the higher end Oculus have the media products I wanted I am waiting for more consistency I am waiting until I get all my specifications Nigel Ayde Ok.. same here.. hopefully something affordable will be available for next season of the playoffs. The limited number of games made it easy to sit out. PadresGM Agreed…as much as I wanted to get one…I would probably buy a new one when all the features are available Mike Lowe Will the next-gen consoles utilize VR more than what we’ve seen so far? kingA823 Phil Spencer already said their main focus will not be VR with their new console. waffles Utilize no but I do think during the next gen VR will grow enough to be used more than it can be used for now. Just won’t be something the consoles have anything to do with it noahbjets Not really. i think if it took off with PlayStation VR there would be much more demand for it but since that failed I honestly don’t know what the future holds?

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