SSG College Football Big 12 Preview

The SSG College Football league, using Wolverine Studios Draft Day Sports: College Football 2020, kicks off with coaching hiring in February. It has real teams but fictional players and in order to give these fictional players a history the league actually began play with the 2014 season and quick-simmed five years of history to bring us to the start of the 2019 season which will played as a kind of a trial run through over the first 6 months of the year before the 2020 season starts, as it does in real life, in the late summer. To get you up to speed on how the college football landscape evolved over the past five years here is the second in a series of recaps looking at each conference.

The SSG Big 12 Conference Starting in 2014 the SSG Big 12 Conference has been a primarily a three team battle between SSG Baylor, Oklahoma and Texas. That was until last season when SSG West Virginia crashed the party. The Mountaineers, led by all-conference quarterback Frank Marsh, won a school record 7 conference games before completely outclassing Texas in the title game. Unfortunately, West Virginia’s 10-3 record overall was not good enough to get them into the 4-team playoff and the Mountaineers had to settle for a trip to the Sugar Bowl where they lost to Florida 34-32. It was the first time the Big 12 failed to place a team in the playoff.

2018 was a very strange year, and not just because of West Virginia’s emergence. Baylor had a down year – it’s worst in SSG history as the Bears lost 3 conference games- but that was nothing compared to what Oklahoma endured. The Sooners, coming off 3 straight appearances in the Big 12 title game, stumbled their way through an abysmal 2-7 record in conference play to finish dead last, even behind Kansas which has won just 7 Big 12 games in five years. Prior to last season, the Big 12 sent it’s champion to the playoff each of the previous 4 years. Baylor and Oklahoma made two trips each. The 12-2 Bears lost to Clemson in the 2014 semi-finals but got their revenge on the Tigers 3 years later, beating Clemson 24-22 in the semi-finals before falling 30-17 to unbeaten UCF in the 2017 National Title game. Baylor finished 13-2 that season. Oklahoma would also have a 13-2 season and reach the title game. That was in 2016 when the Sooners beat Texas A&M in the semi-finals only to lose a tough one 46-42 to unbeaten Ohio State in the National Championship. 2016 was the second straight trip to the playoffs for Oklahoma as the Sooners lost a shoot-out 56-51 to Louisville in 2015 semi-final game. Here are the all-time SSG Big 12 Conference standings as well as the results of the 5 conference titles games that have been played.   Next up is the SSG Big Ten Conference.