SSG Pro Football – Mock Draft 2022

1.1 Philadelphia Eagles

In 2021 the Eagles finished the season with a 2-14 record and find themselves with the #1 Pick in the draft. We will take a look at their needs and the best players available in those positions of need.

Biggest Needs

#1 Need – Wide Receiver – Jacob Rice (South Carolina)

#2 Need – Safety – Sam Carlisle (Minnesota)

#3 Need – Defensive Line – Harvey Alcott (Air Force)

Predicted Pick

Wide Receiver – Jacob Rice (South Carolina)

The Eagles have very little talent at the Wide Receiver position and ranked 28th in the Passing Game in 2021. Young talented Quarterback Ben McMullin desperately needs a weapon in the passing game and with the number 1 pick in the draft, I can’t see the Eagles looking past Rice.

This guy can do it all, he has the speed to grab the deep ball but this guy is a big threat as a possession receiver. He can catch it short and break it for a big gain, he is not afraid to go across the middle either but he may need to put on a bit more weight. The Eagles will need to put more around this guy but this talented receiver will be a big star in Philadelphia.

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