Trade Deadline Musings

Carolina Hurricanes Blowing It Up? Feb 14th, 2024 – Rumour has it that Carolina GM Armando Trejo may be willing to move some significant players after a disappointing season to date. The Canes were thought of as contenders by many at the outset of the 2023-2024 campaign but instead they find themselves near the bottom … Read more

Feedback on NBA 2K21 Cover Details

Anytime a gaming company uses an all-time legend like The Black Mamba on the cover of a game, they will be expected to deliver an exceptional product. Kobe Bryant expected only perfection from himself and his teammates on the court. The bar was raised the instant they decided to honor his legacy on the cover … Read more

Top 5 Hopes for the Upcoming Madden 21 Announcement

With the postponed release of Madden 21 full details, we decided to fill the void with one last wish list of the top five features EA will announce. It is more realistically a personal top five hopes list as I am solely playing Connected Franchise Mode. By now we all have a decent understanding of … Read more