Madden 20 Review – Where do we go from here? A closer examination of Connected Franchise Mode and Madden's standing in the sim community

I have played every single Madden since Madden ’92 where “halfback pass” and “flood left” were the Founding Fathers of cheese. Obviously, Madden has come a long way since then, but is it in a place where we’d expect to … Read more

Madden PS4 CFM NFC Championship Broadcast Stream the San Francisco 49ers host the defending champion Green Bay Packers with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl

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Madden Sim CFM 2020 Week 14 Recap Seahawks CB Rashawn Curtis' has had a breakout year after being picked 7th overall in 2019.

The 2020 season–the third CFM season for SSG since Madden 19 was released–is nearing its exciting conclusion, and Mike Lowe takes a look around the league as we start to see the offseason picture come into focus as well as … Read more