Community Round Table: Madden 19 Scouting Combine

Let us hear your thoughts about this Round Table topic! The NFL Scouting Combine was this weekend, and the hype has continued well into the week as fans continue to dissect mock drafts hoping to learn who their team may take come late April. The Combine itself gets more and more media coverage, hype, and … Read more

Madden 19 Patch 1.19 Now Available (details within)

There is a new patch for Madden 19 which weighs in at just over 1 GB. Details can be seen below:   Change Log General Stability improvements Additional logging to track online desyncs DEV NOTE: While our internal tracking shows that online desyncs are occurring at a very low rate when looking across all online play, … Read more

Madden 19 and the Importance of Strategic Timeouts

Some of the box scores around our Madden 19 CFM may make folks wonder how much effort teams are putting into their defensive planning. We all love big offense and drafting that franchise QB, but what good does it do if you don’t carry that same focus over on defense? This, of course, is a generalization, but I … Read more