Madden NFL 19 Tools to Create a Unique CFM Experience EA's Madden NFL includes tools needed for users to create the experience they desire in franchise mode

Sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the negativity that surrounds the release of an annual sports title. Depending on your social media circle and the forums you visit, you could spend hours just reading about all the … Read more

Madden Mock-Up: What if Madden Football Wasn’t Madden Football? A fictional look at what a reinvented game and franchise mode 2.0 might begin to look like

Madden 19 is out and has been receiving rave reviews, even from tough critics like me. It’s undoubtedly the best Madden ever made, and I’m personally having a blast playing in our 32-man PS4 CFM.

But what if Madden were … Read more