WWE SuperCard Kicks Off New Team Roadblock Event

Official 2K News Release – Get together with your crew and prepare to enter the frenetic and bombastic dream world of Team Roadblock, a pyrotechnic new team-exclusive event coming to SuperCard next week with the release of this week’s app update. Fueled by fast-paced alignment matching play and wild multipliers, Team Roadblock tasks you with beating up cars in a competition against other teams who are also beating up cars. It’s something preposterous and totally our style. We love this thing. Here’s how it works. When the event type enters the rotation, you and your team will be pitted against other teams in a race to see who can do the most damage. Damage is dealt by matching your card’s color or alignments in one of the two on-screen containers. The more rapidly or precisely you match, the higher your deeps. If you destroy a car, it is swiftly replaced by another. And another. And so on. You can earn both milestone rewards and leaderboard rewards. The former is points-based and can be claimed at any time. The latter is based on those you’re competing against and calculates similar to LMS or Giants Unleashed after the event closes. The first Team Roadblock kicks off on Dec 16. We’ll see you there. We have some more specifics below, for those that enjoy inquiring further. If you just want to cut to the chase, you’ll get your chance next week. Additional fun-stuff:
  • Two containers are presented to you when you enter a match. Drag a card into either of the containers to do damage. Match alignment or color for bigger damager.
  • The faster you match, the bigger your multiplier.
  • Your hand has three cards at all times. The team deck is filled with three cards from each member of your team.
  • You can play cards until the 60-second time limit ends.
  • Equip a boost to get a speed or an alignment booster or activate super bonus mode. It’s pretty comparable to Giants Unleashed. Except with different boosts.
  • Roadblock uses a bouts system. Each time you enter into a match, a bout is consumed.
  • Grab a sledgehammer to do more damage. You can purchase a sledgehammer power-up to do more damage to the car when your team enters into a match.
  • The sledgehammer gives you more damage to clear a car faster. It doesn’t contribute directly to your total score since each tier of car is what is tied to points.
Discard cards if you want to introduce strategy into the mix. Are you building up to a sweet, sweet crescendo of damage? Or are you more focused on frenzy multipliers?