Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 Hits the Field Today

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 is releasing digitally today on Xbox One and PS4 for $29.99 USD. The indie team of Canuck Play and Spear Interactive have dedicated themselves to providing a video game for simulation football fans that is driven by community feedback. The 2020 game will feature numerous improvements, upgrades, and new features.

Unity Partnership

Unity experts enhanced the core infrastructure of the game, featuring improvements to the following areas: game performance (framerate), lighting system, player movement, object avoidance, and custom receiver animations.

Overhauled Gameplay Experience

New audio throughout the game, improved linemen interaction, open field running, tackle physics, defensive back coverages, QB animation speed, more tipped passes, faster handoffs, expanded AI, in-game stat overlays, new broadcast and gameplay camera angles.

Play Designer

For the first time in over 10 years, a full football play designer returns to consoles. Gamers can design both offensive and defensive plays. Implement standard playbook strategies with receiver route trees, read progressions, play action, run types, man and zone coverage, blitz packages, QB spy, and even set player motion.

Dynasty Mode 2.0

Conference championships, player transfers, Juniors leaving for the draft, new Bowl games, updated depth chart screen, faster simulation engine, diverse playcalling (giving each team a new identity), enhanced accuracy in recruit generation (including height and weight), detailed recruit commitments and player suspensions, and much more!

Unrivaled Customization

Brand new “Customization Hub” to manage all your custom leagues, teams, and players. Choose from over 300 stock logos or create your own with our logo editor. All leagues are now available in Play Now & Season Mode including a new 32 team league structure.

Play as Legendary Quarterback Doug Flutie

Throw a Hail Mary in Play Now, win a championship in Season Mode, or even design plays for Doug in the brand new play designer!

Custom Controls

Map your own buttons! Customize your on-field game controls to get a familiar feel or a brand new one.

Multiple Rule Sets & Field Sizes

Still the only game to feature multiple football rule sets! Choose from US Pro, Canadian, or College Football rule sets. Field size and game ball will update according to your selection.

About Maximum Football

Based in Madison, WI, and Southern Ontario, Canada, Maximum Football is developed by Canuck Play, digitally published by Spear Interactive. Maximum Football was initially released on the PC in 2005 and the series was relaunched on Xbox One and PS4 with the release of Maximum Football 2018. Doug Flutie joined the company as a brand ambassador in November 2018 and the game was rebranded to Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football. For more information, visit or email         “While building this year’s game, we focused on improving our core infrastructure to provide the best simulation football experience for gamers,” said Dave Winter, Founder, and Lead Developer at Canuck Play. “We are excited for everybody to see this year’s new additions and improvements. Thank you for your continued support.” Maximum Football 2020 is now available in the PlayStation and Microsoft digital stores.