First Official NBA 2K19 Footage, Featuring Music from Jay Rock

[embedyt][/embedyt] The first gameplay footage for¬†NBA 2K19¬†has been released. The minute-long trailer carries a cinematic tone and makes reference to the game celebrating its 20th year in development dating all the way back to¬†NBA 2K9.¬†The trailer heavily features¬†NBA 2K19’s¬†standard cover athlete Giannis “Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo as well as LeBron James, the cover athlete for the 20th Anniversary Edition,¬† in his new Lakers gear.¬†NBA 2K19¬†releases on September 11, 2018. There’s lots to see, hear, and dissect here in this trailer, so what did you notice? What are your expectations for¬†NBA 2K19 based on what you’ve seen thus far?¬†Share your thoughts below after logging in via your forum account.