5 Ways Microtransactions Could Work in Franchise Modes

Microtransaction is almost a derogatory term for folks who consider themselves franchise-mode gamers. Most of those folks would tell you that they feel gaming studios today are only focused on ‘ultimate team’ modes because of the added revenue they bring in. Franchise-style modes are seemingly being left in the dust, and Ultimate modes are getting … Read more

NBA 2K19 Review

There is now under a month until the 2018/19 NBA season begins. NBA 2K19 has been out for over two weeks and the response has been nothing but high praise for the annual franchise release. Did 2K Sports produce another slam dunk of a basketball game or will fans of the series still find themselves … Read more

NBA 2K19 MyLeague Online: Now Accepting Applications

With the success of our Madden CFM’s, we’re thrilled to announce that we are beginning to accept applications for our NBA 2K19 MyLeagues Online. You can fill out an application for PlayStation 4 here You can fill out an application for Xbox One here We are currently discussing league setup and rules in our Slack chat, so while we’re … Read more