5 Ways Microtransactions Could Work in Franchise Modes

Microtransaction is almost a derogatory term for folks who consider themselves franchise-mode gamers. Most of those folks would tell you that they feel gaming studios today are only focused on ‘ultimate team’ modes because of the added revenue they bring in. Franchise-style modes are seemingly being left in the dust, and Ultimate modes are getting … Read more

MLB The Show 18: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

September…The Fall season is here, and football and basketball have arrived, but for us baseball fans, it’s still MLB The Show season as well. This season there’s a lot of competition for our Fall free time with a bunch of games, including some really good sports games. Games like Madden 19, NBA 2K19, NBA Live, … Read more

Franchise Chicken or Franchise Egg?

Today’s Daily Dose makes the assumption that we all have experienced the shift away from franchise modes being far-and-away the most popular modes in sports games. There’s no denying that online gameplay and card-trading modes have brought a tremendous amount of growth, potential, and earnings to their respective titles, and we’ve now seen an enormous … Read more