MLB The Show 20: Bacon’s Fictional Roster Update

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have heard of Bacon’s Fictional Roster. If not, I’m glad you’ve found this article so that you too can experience this way of playing MLB The Show. This time of year many sim gamers are coming to the end of their 162 every-pitch franchise saves. This roster is … Read more

Top Ten OOTP Baseball Franchise Features MLB the Show should implement for MLB The Show 21

I’ve played more hours of baseball video gaming then can be counted, but it’s always been console based. I always knew there were PC baseball games but because I was already pouring so much time in the console games I never really bothered to play those games, and in addition I was never really a … Read more

Most Needed Franchise-Related Improvements for MLB The Show 21

We’ve now had a few months with MLB The Show 20, and with the MLB season (allegedly) getting under way soon, it’s time to see how MLBTS’s franchise mode has held up. Here are are the top areas I’d like to see franchise mode improved as San Diego Studios takes The Show to the PlayStation 5 in … Read more

Stream News and Updates- SSG YouTube

Prospecting for Gold Series Comes to an End: In the last episode published, I was at the beginning of Year 4 in the project. The original hypothesis was that the Rays organization and their crop of prospects would be ready to dominate in Years 4 and 5 of the project. Things were looking great at … Read more

Top Eight Attainable and Productive Position Players for your MLB The Show Franchise

The List To clarify the nature of this list, you won’t find Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, or Christian Yelich.  These are players that are attainable for very reasonable prices in terms of trade value but who have the ability to impact your franchise in a significant way. If you’re playing a full 162 chances are … Read more