Top Ten OOTP Baseball Franchise Features MLB the Show should implement for MLB The Show 21

I’ve played more hours of baseball video gaming then can be counted, but it’s always been console based. I always knew there were PC baseball games but because I was already pouring so much time in the console games I never really bothered to play those games, and in addition I was never really a … Read more

Long Gone Podcast- Sim Sports Gaming OOTP Baseball League- Episode 3- AL EAST

The third in the series of divisional overviews focused on the AL East and I was lucky to have three general managers join me. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Orioles were all represented. We began by hearing from our guests some of their high and low points they’ve experienced so far in the league. We … Read more

Long Gone Podcast- Sim Sports Gaming OOTP Baseball League- Episode 2- AL WEST

In this episode I was joined by Damon (Seattle) and Mike (LA Angels) to discuss the league and the AL West, in particular.  I picked up some new aspects of the game I plan to check out more carefully in the areas of player morale and scouting.  We also talked about player development and the … Read more

Introducing the Sim Sports Gaming OOTP Baseball League Podcast- National League West

Long Gone-The Podcast originally was created as a St.Louis Cardinals focused podcast. However, in the absence of baseball it has focused in recent episodes on the gaming aspect of sports, baseball in particular.  This is the first in a planned series of podcasts profiling the Sim Sports Gaming OOTP Baseball League, a unique real time … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Introducing the SSG Atlanta Firebirds New team name effective immediately in Atlanta

The Atlanta major league team in the SSG OOTP baseball league has a new name and new look. The 2020 All-Star Game will be the last time that players will represent the Atlanta Braves. For the second half of the season and beyond, the team will be known as the Atlanta Firebirds. The Phoenix has … Read more