Hopeful Thinking: What MLB The Show 20’s Franchise Mode Still Needs, Now or Later

This week MLB The Show 20’s open beta begins, and it’ll be first chance the community has to dive into the gameplay for this year’s upcoming release in March, and while there have been some hints of what’s in-store for The Show 20, there have not been any details revealed about franchise mode. While franchise mode details … Read more

MLB The Show 19 Patch 1.05

There’s been an update to MLB The Show 19. Details below, originally posted on the Show Nation forum. Gameplay Updates: Fixed an issue where the wind meter would often point straight to center field in the pause menu. Fixed issues with Pure Analog Throwing interface to address throw-canceling problems. Adjustments made to fielding animations in … Read more

Community Round Table: Where do MLB The Show 19 and Out of the Park Baseball 20 Fit in Your Gaming Schedule?

Let us hear your thoughts about this Round Table topic! This week we saw the release of MLB The Show 19, and last week, Out of the Park 20 was released. Our community here plays both games heavily, and for most people, there are pros and cons for each title. Where does the community stand … Read more