MLB The Show 19 Patch 1.05 Patch notes available

MLB The Show 19 Patch 1.05 Patch notes available

There’s been an update to MLB The Show 19. Details below, originally posted on the Show Nation forum.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the wind meter would often point straight to center field in the pause menu.
  • Fixed issues with Pure Analog Throwing interface to address throw-canceling problems.
  • Adjustments made to fielding animations in regards to players facing-direction and catcher behavior on certain tag efforts.
  • Animation adjustments made to the umpires in very specific situations.
  • Disabled calling up expanded rosters during spring training for March To October. This is to prevent undesired roster changes in the 25 man roster leading into a new season.
  • Updated several MLB stadiums that were ruling certain hits incorrectly. Stadiums adjusted include: Arizona Chase Field, Houston Minute Maid Park, Florida Marlins Park, and Milwaukee Miller Park.
  • Added a 2018 NL East Champion pennant flag to Atlanta SunTrust Park.
  • Added the MLB 150 year patch to the jerseys of the San Francisco Giants.
  • Fixed various consumer reported crashes. This includes the crashes occurring during the “Near Perfection” Moment .


  • Addressed an issue that resulted in users receiving a loss due to disconnect on the Battle Royale or Ranked Seasons Lineup screen.
  • Shortened several menu transitions in the Diamond Dynasty Starting Pitcher and Lineup screens to prevent soft locks and disconnects.
  • New York Yankee color pallet updated to reflect accurate colors in Diamond Dynasty.
  • Addressed numerous Play-by-Play commentary issues and adjusted the volume and clarity of the Public Announcer audio.
  • Corrections made to grammar and spelling errors throughout RTTS and other areas of the game.
  • Various minor bug fixes and adjustments, based on consumer feedback.