Most Needed Franchise-Related Improvements for MLB The Show 21

We’ve now had a few months with MLB The Show 20, and with the MLB season (allegedly) getting under way soon, it’s time to see how MLBTS’s franchise mode has held up.¬†Here are are the top areas I’d like to see franchise mode improved as San Diego Studios takes The Show¬†to the PlayStation 5 in … Read more

MLB The Show 19 Patch 1.06

There‚Äôs been an update to MLB The Show 19. Details below,¬†originally posted on the Show Nation forum. GAMEPLAY UPDATES Fixed a sequence in March to October that would result in the 7th game of the World Series to be simmed instead of played, nullifying rewards. Minor tuning to AI and animations, which includes fixes for … Read more

SSG Video Podcast – Ridin’s Rosters for 2019

Mike Lowe had the opportunity to talk with Scott Spindler (aka Ridin) about his new role with Out of the Park Baseball and what it all means for his rosters for MLB The Show 19. Apologies for Ridin’s audio being a bit low.